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*The Sinking Tower of Glasgow 2002-03-04

Posted by clype in Glasgow.

The 10 million GBP, 190-metres-tall, 'The Millennium Tower' at 'The Glasgow Science Centre' has suddenly sunk and will be 'closed to the public' while waiting for 'spare parts'.

'There's a fault with one of the bearings', a spokesman said.
'It's moved out of alignment by about 15 millimetres.
'Investigations are being carried out on the base.
'We called in builders because we could tell by looking at it "something was wrong".
'There was excessive leaking and excessive wear on the chains at the top.
'It's disappointing — but we're having remedial work done — and in the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience to the public'.

The centre's Mr.David Grimmer said parts were expected to take between six and eight weeks to arrive and are expected to cost about 75 000 GBP.

Queen Elizabeth-1 formally opened the 75 million GBP science centre 2001-06 after a troubled start for the attraction. 'The Millennium Tower' — which is designed to rotate in prevailing winds — was opened 2001-10 after a series of construction delays, including the discovery that the glass lifts were too heavy.

In early 2001-10, Glasgow Lord Provost Mr.Alex. Mosson visited 'The Millennium Tower' and again the lifts were found not to be working.

The centre was forced to close only one day after opening when it emerged that 'The Science Mall' did not have a vital permit.

An estimated 1 000 visitors arrived for the attraction's first day — but could not be charged an entrance fee because of the delay in securing a public entertainment licence.

'The Science Mall' is the centrepiece attraction of 'The Glasgow Science Centre' and is expected to attract up to 600 000 visitors a year. Its 4 storeys house hundreds of interactive exhibits made up of light beams, mirrors, optical illusions, audio and computer displays, and water tanks. 'The Science Mall' and the adjacent 'IMAX theatre', which opened 2001-10, are the first titanium-clad buildings in the UK.



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