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–Plans to Boost Population 2003-02-26

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People seeking work permits in Great Britain will be urged to consider living in Scotland, under ‘The Scottish Executive’s’ plans to tackle the country’s shrinking population. (more…)

–45th Grammy Awards 2003-02-24

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Record of the Year: Winner: 'Don't Know Why', Norah Jones.
Nominated: 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carlton; 'Without Me', 'Eminem'; 'Dilemma', 'Nelly' featuring Kelly Rowland; 'How You Remind Me', 'Nickelback'.

Album of the Year: Winner: 'Come Away With Me', Norah Jones.
Nominated: 'Home', 'Dixie Chicks'; 'The Eminem Show', 'Eminem'; 'Nellyville', 'Nelly'; 'The Rising', Bruce Springsteen.

Song of the Year: Winner: 'Don't Know Why', Jesse Harris (Norah Jones).
Nominated: 'Complicated', Avril Lavigne & 'The Matrix' (Avril Lavigne); 'The Rising', Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen); 'A Thousand Miles', Vanessa Carlton (Vanessa Carlton); 'Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)', Alan Jackson (Alan Jackson).


–Brit Awards 2003 2003-02-21

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Best Album 2003: 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head': 'Coldplay';
Nominated: 'The Coral': 'The Coral'; 'A Little Deeper': 'Ms.Dynamite'; 'Angels With Dirty Faces': 'Sugababes'; 'Original Pirate Material': 'The Streets'

Best Group 2003: 'Coldplay'.
Nominated: 'Blue'; 'Doves'; 'Oasis'; 'Sugababes'.


–The Origins of Successful Human Beings 2003-02-21

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Around 50 000 years ago, "modern humans" suddenly started leaving Africa.

Over the course of the next 20 000 years, Homo sapiens pushed other hominid species to extinction and established populations in Australia, Asia, and Europe.

What spurred Homo sapiens to leave Africa after living there for at least 70 000 years? What made 'modern humans' successful? Archaeologists and anthropologists specialising in human origins tackled those questions this past weekend at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting held in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. In a symposium titled "Revolution and Evolution in Modern Human Origins: When, Where, and Why?", several differing perspectives were presented. (more…)

–New Anti-Snoring Bed 2003-02-06

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Swedish scientists have come up with a new cure for snorers after developing an anti-snoring bed. Researchers at Gothenburg University who teamed up with a design company to develop the bed say it could revolutionise snorers' lives. Sleep researcher Ms.Carina Blomberg explained:

'The bed is connected by sensors to a computer that monitors heart rate, breathing rhythms, movements and snoring sounds'.

If necessary, the computer slowly begins to adjust the the top end of the bed, raising the sleeper's head until they stop snoring.

Experts say raising a snorer's head can help stop snoring by preventing the tongue from falling across the back of the throat. The bed then returns to its original position.

Ms.Blomberg added that snoring would 'certainly improve' by using the device. But manufacturers Helsingborg-based Hilding_Anders_AB say they cannot offer a guarantee to frustrated partners or neighbours.

–New Paint Absorbs Pollution 2003-02-05

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A 'smog-busting' paint that soaks up vehicle pollution could soon be helping to clear the air in European cities.

The British invention, called 'Ecopaint', traps and neutralises noxious nitrogen oxide gases produced by vehicle exhausts.

Collectively known as NOx gases, these powerful pollutants cause respiratory problems and trigger smogs.

New Scientist magazine reports that the paint goes on sale in Europe next month [2003-03], although it is still being tested.

'Ecopaint's' makers, Grimsby-based 'Millennium Chemicals', believe it will give architects and town planners a new weapon with which to fight pollution.

The paint is being studied as part of a European programme assessing new anti-pollution measures.

It works by trapping NOx gases, which stick to microscopic particles of titanium dioxide embedded in the paint's base. The particles absorb sunlight, using this energy to convert NOx to nitric acid.

Alkaline calcium carbonate particles in the paint then neutralise the acid, producing carbon dioxide, water and calcium nitrate that wash away. When the calcium carbonate has been exhausted, the titanium oxide will continue to break down NOx, but the acid this produces will discolour the paint.

Because the particles are so small, the paint is clear, allowing different coloured pigments to be added. However the first 'Ecopaint' to go on sale will be white.

The paint is being lab-tested as part of the Europe-funded Photocatalytic Innovative Coverings Applications for De-pollution Assessment programme (PICADA).

"'Smog-busting paint' set to help clear city air ", Ananova 2004-02-04 We 19:01