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–New Anti-Snoring Bed 2003-02-06

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Health.

Swedish scientists have come up with a new cure for snorers after developing an anti-snoring bed. Researchers at Gothenburg University who teamed up with a design company to develop the bed say it could revolutionise snorers' lives. Sleep researcher Ms.Carina Blomberg explained:

'The bed is connected by sensors to a computer that monitors heart rate, breathing rhythms, movements and snoring sounds'.

If necessary, the computer slowly begins to adjust the the top end of the bed, raising the sleeper's head until they stop snoring.

Experts say raising a snorer's head can help stop snoring by preventing the tongue from falling across the back of the throat. The bed then returns to its original position.

Ms.Blomberg added that snoring would 'certainly improve' by using the device. But manufacturers Helsingborg-based Hilding_Anders_AB say they cannot offer a guarantee to frustrated partners or neighbours.


1. lester - 2007-01-25

ay carumba!!

2. stop snoring naturally - 2010-09-20

What if you go to another place or have a sleepover?

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