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-Did Jesus Christ die at 3pm on 3rd April? 2003-05-09

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Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu claim to have pinpointed the exact time and date of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

The pair, from the Astronomic Observatory Institute in Cluj, Romania, say Jesus died at 15:00 on 0033-04-03 Fr (Friday 3rd, April, 33 AD) and rose again at 04:00 on 0033-04-05 Su (Sunday 5th April, 33AD).

They used a computer programme to check biblical references against historical astronomical data.

They said the ‘New Testament’ stated that Jesus died the day after the first night with a full moon, after the vernal equinox.

Using data gathered on the stars between 26 and 35 AD they established that in those nine years, the first full moon after the vernal equinox was registered twice — on Friday, 7th April, 30 AD, and on Friday, 3rd April 33 AD.

They were convinced the date of the crucifixion was 33 AD, and not 30 AD, because records showed a solar eclipse, as depicted in ‘The Bible’ at the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, occurred in Jerusalem that year.

“Astronomers ‘pinpoint time and date of crucifixion and resurrection’ “, Ananova: 2003-05-08 Th 11:33


1. Dave - 2008-07-08

how did they determine the exact times of death and ressurection? I can understand how they might have the date right, but how did they guess the time?

2. todd vetter - 2008-11-18

Your information is way off by 3 years. If you would like to see the exact time and day. E-mail me so I can send you the attached study that can convince any Jew, Athiest, or Muslim that Jesus was the Messiah. I have more information on this topic than any one to date except those who have recieved this study in the last week.

Hope to hear from you soon.

God Bless

Todd M. Vetter

E-mail todd_vetter26@yahoo.com

3. todd vetter - 2008-11-18

The eclipes that occured was a miricle and the testimony of Nicodemus bares witness that the sun was eclipsed after the accustomed sort. Your really going to need the study i have to send before you spiral deeper into apostacy.

4. chaz - 2008-12-04

how do u no when or how jesus died if no one from that time is around today to tell us?
lv the website
x x x x

5. chaz - 2008-12-04

how do u no when or how jesus died if no one from that time is around today to tell us?
lv the website!!!!!!!!!!
x x x x

6. fred - 2009-03-28

i thionk thew times maybe correct but how do you no?

7. Doug 9-24-09 - 2009-08-26

Jesus was placed on the cross on the day of preparation for the Passover, meaning Friday afternoon, because the Sabbath/Passover began when 1st: sundown occured–Sabbath, and 2nd: when the first sliver of the new moon appeared–Passover. He went on the cross about 9 AM and died about PM.

The coin impression discover on the Shroud of Turin was dated to 32 AD. which rules out 30 AD, because a coin can’t be used that hasn’t been minted yet. This leaves us the only other date in Pilate’s reign when the Sabbath/Passover occured together–April 3, 33 AD.

Also on this Sabbath/Passover, an eclipse of the moon occured, dated by computer as 6:03 to 6:37 PM Jerusalem time.

This makes the date of his death on the cross at April 2, 33 AD, and the discovery of his resurection on Sunday Morning at April 4, 33 AD

8. frank - 2009-10-24

Doesn’t the original language say Sabbaths and is speaking of the Feast Days that occurred and are referred to as Sabbath days as well as the 7th Day Sabbath? Yeshua said he would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights. There is a scripture in I believe Mark that says “In vain they do worship me, teaching for commandments the traditions of man.”

The Feast Days are called the Feasts of YWHW.

9. egi - 2009-11-04

how did you know when jesus due you even didn’t see him at all i also even didn’t see him too! but thanjks for the answer

10. ryan - 2010-03-18

i dont understand how would you know?

11. Connie - 2010-04-02

Greetings in the name of the. Lord. Please tell me what day Jesus Christ died and his birthday? Happy Easter 2010 Jesus is the Christ and the son of the Living God! Thank you Jesus for dying for me. I Love you! And thank you for loving me when I didn’t have any parents. You are my # one man. My all and all. Love, Connie Medina

12. mike - 2010-08-24

I see many talking about this subject so ….slippery … easy.
First bother yourself to read scripture more than 3 minutes a day… …
and maybe you will be closer to the truth a bit…
The preparation day is NOT on Friday ,
NOT on Sunday ,Neither monday ,neither ,neither… … …
The preparation day is just a preparation day and obviously
is the 13-th day of the FIRST month of the year
which is before the PASSOVER day and then follows the feast of the unleaven bread from the 15-th day until including the 21 day of the first.
MOOOOOST of you errrrrror because
as YEHUSHUA said
“you do not know the Scripture”
here! … WAKE UP!..
The passover day occurs to be exactly the 14-day of the first month
so obviously the preparation is the 13-th.
THAT PASSOVER MUST BE “rendered” to a Friday… or SUNDAY …or
shabbath … NO .. NO .IT just have to be the 14th day of the first month.
.capisci? understand? ok? me entiende?… …
and if this falls on SUNDAY then you celebrate on sunday…
if this falls on wensday then you celebrate on wensday .
Now count back from sunday morning(john20:1) three days AND three nights and open your eyes… … you will see why between Preparation afternoon and sunday morning they will never fit 3daysAnd3nights … and … … … By the way …
which one is the first day of the week?
the thing about the solar eclipse is to ask IF a “solar” eclipse is possible to fall right the night of the 14-th day… hm.. I gotta see
a good astronomer …because the sun happens to be on a very opposite point … so clearely it is ..as they just started to say
a LUNAR ECLIPSE not a solar eclipse
Anyone finds more about it ,pls tell me as well
but consider this:
Daniel,s 70 weeks fall in the triumphal entry moment
on the crucifixion there is either a solar either a lunar eclipse
and when you search , search considering latitude-longitude of Jerusalem ,and consider the gregorian “rendering” days changed days
which were added afterwords…
is not that simple ,,is it…?
.and or whatever…
and this is it

13. chowfu - 2011-12-26
14. Emanuell - 2012-04-04

Jesus was put on the cross Friday at 9:00 A.M, he died 6 hours later at 3:00 P.M.

15. Liam - 2013-03-04

Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a
few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why
but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

16. Chaplain George Paterson IMF - 2013-03-05

I don’t think you are correct with your traditional Friday crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. You can’t get 72 hours from Friday to Sunday. We know from the scriptures that when the women came to the tomb on Sunday he was already gone. Reverse the hours back 72 hours and you will find He was crucified on Wednesday. Three days from Wednesday to Friday and three nights from Thursday to Saturday having him resurrected sometime after 6:01 our Sunday morning.

17. P Bobbyll - 2013-04-02

God’s law, as proclaimed through Moses, dictated that each Jewish household take a year-old unblemished male lamb into the household on the 10th day of Nisan (the first month) and to sacrifice it on the fourth day after that (i.e. the 14th of Nisan).

For the Jews, prophesy is more a question of pattern than prediction.

The Bible is clearly a sort of self-repeating prophesy, with uncanny “coincidences”.

That alone makes me inclined to think the 14th Nisan is also the date of the crucifixion of Jesus, the ultimate (fulfilment of the) passover lamb.

A crucifixion on (Nisan 14) 3rd April 33 AD falls on a Friday.

A crucifixion (Nisan 14) in 32 AD falls on a Monday.
A crucifixion (Nisan 14) in 31 AD falls on a Wednesday.
A crucifixion (Nisan 14) in 30 AD also falls on a Wednesday.

I find it difficult to see how the crucifixion occurred on either a Monday or a Wednesday? The years immediately prior to 30 AD and after 33 AD have been suggested as either too early and too late, respectively, to correspond with Jesus’ likely ministry and hence crucifixion.

If correct, this makes it likely that the crucifixion of our Lord ocurred on April 3, 33 AD. I don’t know about you but I can’t help but notice those three digits – one could interpret them as being diametrically OPPOSED to another three digits used in the book of Revelation – further adding credibility to that date.

In Jesus’ name.

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21. Dennis - 2014-06-03

if time in jesus time was 6 pm to 6pm and he died at 3pm on wenesday and buried at 6pm on Wednesday count 3 days that would be Saturday at pm, I he was buried on Thursday at 6pm then he ascended sunday at 6pm not sundsy morning . my bible says he died at 3pm on Friday and buried at 6pm on saturdat then asended at 6am on sunday , which would be impossible and are u using gods time or roman time and remember in geesis time was 12 hours there is a video/ dvd on ho man changed time ther are 3 different calenders. in gods time her are only 29 days in any month each phase of the moon and there are 4 phasaes represent 1/4 of a month. remember , watch out for commentary

22. seforim - 2017-02-22

thanks for info…..

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