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-New Glass allows bullets to pass One-Way Only 2003-07-10

Posted by clype in Gizmo.

Police cars in New Orleans [USA] could soon have glass to stop bullets being fired in, but which allows officers to fire out.After months of research, New Orleans City Council has found a company in Florida [USA] that manufactures such a product.

Councillors made a commitment to find such glass after an officer was shot dead in his patrol car in the city last August reports the Times Picayune.

The 'one-way glass' blocks bullets from entering a vehicle from the outside, but allows officers 'to return fire from the inside', according to a report submitted to the council last week.

Wilson Howard, the council's Assistant Research Director who headed up the search for the glass, said:

'The return fire can move through the glass from the officer, and the glass will reseal itself'.

The council says it could cost about 8 000 GBP/ vehicle to fit the windscreen, the two front doors and the inside glass partition.

The city has been recommended it fit-out at least 125 police cars. [Total cost of 1 million GBP]

"New Orleans police cars could get special 'one-way glass'", Ananova 2003-07-09 We 10:14


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