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– New Excavations: “Mary Rose” Portsmouth, England 2003-07-23

Posted by clype in Discovery, Humanities.

A major excavation of the wreck site of 'The Mary Rose' which could uncover a host of secrets about Henry-8E's warship has been launched.

The archaeological dives at the request of 'The Ministry of Defence' form part of a survey ahead of plans to regenerate Portsmouth naval base.

'The Royal Navy' recently announced a 200 million GBP regeneration of Portsmouth so it can be home to the next generation of warships, particularly the new aircraft carriers. But the current route into the naval base is not deep enough for the new super-carriers — which will be twice the size of existing aircraft vessels — and the navy is planning to dredge a new approach into the harbour.

The navy's preferred route crosses the wreck site of 'The Mary Rose' which is a few kilometres out into the Solent from the harbour mouth.

The dives being launched are primarily a clearing operation prior to a full archaeological and environmental survey. Mr.John Lippiett, chief executive of the 'The Mary Rose Trust', said it would enable them to excavate important parts of the ship which have remained buried since the raising of the hull in 1982. He said:

'These are very exciting times indeed for "The Mary Rose". This is the most thorough examination by divers of the wreck site since 1982.

'We are preparing the wreck site to clear it up for the survey but really, we might find all sorts of things.

'We don't want to raise expectations too high but, at the same time, it's the excitement of the unknown that is spurring us on'.

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