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-The Face of Nefertiti 2003-08-14

Posted by clype in Discovery, Humanities.
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Egyptologists believe they have recreated the face of the legendary Queen Nefertiti. A picture of the Egyptian ruler was built up by a team which discovered a mummy in what is thought to be her tomb.

[Picture of Reconstruction of Face of Nefertiti]
Dr.Joann Fletcher uncovered what she believes is the tomb and worked with her team to create the face. Nefertiti – whose name means ‘the beautiful or perfect one has come’ — lived more than 3 000 years ago and was famed for her elegant profile and swan-like neck. She was married to the pharaoh Amenhotep IV who established both his own religion and the capital of Egypt — at Amarna.

Some archaeologists believe she may have ruled the country in her own right for three years following her husband’s 17-year reign, although others believe she died before his rule ended. Following her death, she was not remembered fondly and her image was defaced throughout the land. Dr.Fletcher said:

‘I couldn’t believe it, that moment when I first saw her.

‘After 12 years of searching for Nefertiti, it was probably the most amazing experience of my life. It certainly has some wide-ranging implications for Egyptology’.

[Picture of Nefertiti Mummy]

The reconstruction and the story behind it features in a film being shown on Satellite TV’s Discovery Channel on 2003-09-07.

[Picture of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt - Bust]


1. Caledonia - 2008-07-01


2. MIM - 2008-07-22

i watched a documentary movie about that team i realy think they found the missing ruler-nefertiti

3. Diana - 2008-07-24

I heard the picture was taken from Elle Model Managment, from a Egyption model, Sereen

4. step - 2008-07-31


5. Savi - 2008-08-08

this mummy is not Nefertiti

6. Mat - 2008-08-08

More pictures here:

7. Mike - 2008-08-29

She;s white, not black. What hath political correctness wrought?

farang - 2014-06-17

It hath wrought a world of nincompoops PCers.

Nefertiti was Tadu-Hepa, the daughter Mittani king Tushratta sent to marry Amenhotep III (Properly, Yamana Hotpe) when very old, after he died, she married his son, Akhe Naton.

She had dark-skin like an Armenian woman would have, because she was a Hurrian, which is one of the ethnic tribes that made up Urartu/Ararat…aka Armenia. They originally came from the Vedic Bharat Puru Kingdom of India.

And they came from the 130,000-70,000 year ago migration of “modern humans” along the east coast of Africa into Arabian Peninsula and southern India. Then fought the exisiting archaic humans, the Neanderthals, all the way to Mt. Carmel, “URIII” “Akka kingdom”, where the last full-blooded, DNA-proven Neanderthal clans made their last stand in two caves.

DNA science, it’s a wonderful thing!!!

8. bam wilcox - 2008-08-30

joann fletcher is my most favortie egyptologist….she done great on discovering nefertiti’s mummy…..i give 2 thumbs way way up….u rock joann…..and nefertiti beautiful lady…..she is my favorite queen of egypt….

9. SZ - 2008-08-31

Oh dont fret dear, in a few years Egyptians ancients will have sallow skin and ever so slanted, slight eyes! C’est la vie, history is written by the victors…….

10. Laz - 2008-09-02

She was a yummy mummy!!!

(I couldnt help myself!)

11. nisha - 2008-09-06

mike ur an idiot

Mobila Orientala - 2011-09-17

yes, he is! ha ha ha

Caleb Gee - 2013-08-25

Mike is one ignorant SOB

farang - 2014-06-17

And you’re an ignorant Boetian. The tribe of “Luwian-speaking” people that settled outside Rome, to be ridiculed and mocked for their crude behavior and ignorant nonsense…today we call them BOZOS.

Luwian is Levite. Hi Ronald!

12. nisha - 2008-09-06

nefertiti is my favorite egyptian queen too! she was a beautiful lady!

13. miss mae - 2008-09-07

There’s a great book called nefertiti, it’s fiction that captures what might have happened in nerfertiti’s reign and how she got to be queen or maybe even a pharaoh by michelle moran. Fantastic read!!

14. al - 2008-09-08

very amazing infos

15. sasha miles - 2008-09-11

Nefertiti I wish that u were here right now because u couldve changed lots of things that are happening around the world.neffertiti I wish that u were still alive please neffertiti show your spirit over me so that i will be guided with your heart and gods.

16. Anna - 2008-09-23

I luv nefertiti and isis. they are so cool and stand up for women in my opinion

17. samire - 2008-09-24

a beautiful woman. the reconstruction of Nefertiti movie’s in national geographic channel was fantastic.

18. whip_cz - 2008-09-28

Politically correct reconstruction is so ridiculous… If you are not blind, you can see her famous statues and you can see she wasn’t black…
Very funny

19. jdean - 2008-10-10

# 18…it’s so funny how you believe her not to be black, you’ve been brainwashed by the images you see on tv! surely you don’t believe that the modern day egyptian didn’t always look as they do today. if you look at any of the statues they all have black features, the lips, nose and the shape of their heads. Society wants you to believe that she was non-black, but i beg to differ.

p.s. why do you think the noses are chopped off on most of the statues?

20. darby - 2008-10-25

thanks it’s a great project picture!

21. Kiakins - 2008-11-06

Good point jdean my mom says the same thing about eygptians

22. Aaminah - 2008-11-14

I think there are some people that still refuse to believe that Africans or Nubians had a hand in Egyptian History. There was a time when Nubians were kings and queens of Egypt. LOOK IT UP. As as far as Nefertiti not being African…if you look up her family history her farther who was Ay was brother to Queen Tiye who was of Nubian dedent (African)….her grandson would be later known as King Tutakhamun. Nefretiti was born in Amarna with was about 300mi outside of Cairo (known today). Know your history before you put it out there.

23. ruth - 2008-11-26

i think nefretiti is a beautiful woman in that time

24. henoch thomas - 2008-11-30

anyway…she is a gorgeous woman…tx for the infos

25. bridger hagestad - 2008-12-09

i would love to have my name mean the beautiful one has come and to be even more popular then her husbend akheten now thats special and i am doing my report on you because your so popular today to your my fav queen

26. næstved - 2008-12-11

hi waz up?!

27. fky - 2008-12-14


28. junny - 2008-12-14


29. fallah - 2008-12-29

Nefertiti was a beautiful Nubian queen. To all of those who commented she was a white woman “wake up” Political correctness is what you beleive in thats why you cant believe she was African. Maybe Egypt is not part of your history and you hate the fact it was not. Thats why towards the end of Egyptian Dynasty their faces appeared more white, others invaded and took the throne of the Pharoh’s. Envy will always exist, I agree with one thing you said WHAT HATH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WROUGHT and like SZ says history is written by the victors.


30. fallah - 2008-12-29

Nefertiti was a beautiful African Queen. For those who believe she was a white woman “wake up” Yes indeed what hath political correctness wrought, and like SZ comments History is written by the victors, thats why they seemed to have whiter skin towards the end of the Egyptian Dynasty. Others invaded and took the thrones of the Pharoh’s. But you cant hide the truth, what a fantastic reconstruction she is everything I imagined she would be. Awesome

31. leah sanderson - 2009-01-14

nefertiti was a beautiful woman with great power. and brought worship to our world.

32. Cordelia - 2009-01-28

Black is beautiful isn’t it?

33. NEPHRITINA - 2009-01-30


34. Chris - 2009-02-01

Maybe it is time to stop wondering whether or not she was white or black. She lived in Africa. She was a beautiful woman.

Tegan Francis - 2013-05-22

NO its not the time and it will never be the time to stop until they get their facts straight and stop trying to steal everyones history and make it their own.

35. Tara - 2009-02-09

The skin tones of the Ancient Egyptians varied. Some did have lighter skin tones…but definitely not white. The Ancient Egyptians had an obsession with portaying themselves as accurately as possible, so they would have portayed their skin tone accuarately on their statues and paintings. So their skin colors did range from what modern Egyptians look today (basically a dark tan) to the deep ebony usually associated with the Nubians. But…if anyone thinks they were white they’re wrong…other than Cleopatra who wasn’t even Egyptian. And possibly children of both Egyptian and Greek decent. But, the Egyptians that were from Africa only, such as Nefertiti, were not white.

36. Tara - 2009-02-10

Egyptians could have lighter skin, but none of them could ever be called white. They were obsessed with portaying themselves a accurately as possible so more than likely portrayed their skin color exactly as it was. Their tones ranged from a dark tan (like modern Egyptians), which was mostly women, to the dark ebony typically associated with the Nubians. Nefertiti was not DARK but she also wasn’t white, she most likely has the amber skin color portrayed in her bust. But….this is also NOT Nefertiti. For one, it doesn’t look like her bust. And, also, in another follow-up documentary they determined that the mummy was not her and as of now do not know where her mummy is.

37. Tara - 2009-02-10

I may be wrong about the second documentary I’m thinking of…but either way…the reconstruction does not look like Nefertiti

38. Tara - 2009-02-11

Ok…Found out I’m not wrong about which one I’m thinking of. The mummy that they assumed was Nefertiti, they now believe is Kiya…and I have a ton of posts. The first one didn’t show up for a while so I didn’t think it posted…..

39. Lou - 2009-02-11

What shocked me is why in the world did they make her face look black when clearly it was not. They made the lips enlarged, they darkened the skin tone, they made the eyes larger. She looks Ethiopian to me. Egyptians have sandy colored skin.

See bust, and see the mummy.
It’s like protraying a Jewish woman as black. It really is insulting that they so obviously misrepresent what is right in front of their eyes.

40. alicia - 2009-03-01

she was not white. in earlier statues that were made of her in BC she had obvious black features. it was 3000 years ago! the modern egyptian would have been darker 3000yrs ago.. and white people dont come from egypt they come from europe. egypt is in africa dumb ass. even scientists who have examined her have stated she could not have been of white complexion. onlyy ignorant white people want to believe that she was white. and it is NOT LIKE SAYING A JEWISH WOMAN IS BLACK. its like fighting over whether kennedy was reallly catholic. come oooooooon.

41. alicia - 2009-03-01

nevrtheless she was a beautiful AFRICAN QUEEN. im black and white and i have no problem excepting the FACTS that she was of a darker complexion, i dont see why people fight over this. i dont think we would have this problem if africa wasnt colonized so damn much.

42. the floacist - 2009-03-22

Oh no! You mean she wasn’t White? Goodness no :(

Of course she was White, I mean…Black people lived in Africa? Ridiculous political correct afrocentricity!

Black people can’t have nothing can they? Egypt is in #$%#@ Africa and we can’t even have that. Oh no, not even brown skin full lips and generally ‘black’ featured people depicted in artwork created by the very people themselves at the time…denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. (that phrase couldn’t be any more appropriate for this topic, heh).

43. Another African Queen - 2009-04-01

3000 years ago in Egypt… How can Nefertiti be white? Why would she have a name that means “the perfect one” and be white in Africa…

44. Curious mind - 2009-04-01

First….JEWISH can be black also:)
But I don’t think this is the point. Was she or not black. who cares? Years ago was a documentary talking about her features – No human beeing has same features as hers. She is not black nor white. She is a combinations somehow. What is strange is the reconstruction that changed her features and make her have obvious black features. Still I don’t care but is not her.
There is something else. The tone of her skin. Couldn’t be white. Just compare Italians and Swedish. They both are white but italians are more darker. The south you go the darker skin you get because is just a natural adaptation of leaving in a warm weather. Cand be the same here, right?

45. DCD - 2009-04-01

People write opinions despite what they see on Sky TV and despite what they can easily discover in a few minutes of research on the internet.

Here’s a weird example: Ramesses the Great (and his entire dynasty/ family) were white — they had wavy RED hair and big long heads.

This was the conclusion of modern scientific tests carried out as recently as 1985 in Paris labs by Professor P. F. Ceccaldi.

Ancient Egyptians Rulers were definitely not Negroid or genetically similar to black Africans. It seems that their features would be closer to the Nordic Caucasian in terms of hair and skin colour, and features such as nose, lips, long heads and long necks.

In fact Dr Joann Fletcher is famous for proving that Ramesses’s father, Seti I had red hair, supporting this – check out this site: http://www.white-history.com/earlson/rameses.htm

46. DSS - 2009-04-20

I am just wondering why Ancient Egyptians Rulers would portray themselves with darker skin and black hair ect… if they actually were white as you proclaim.

47. DSS - 2009-04-20

I am just wondering why Ancient Egyptians Rulers would portray themselves with darker skin and black hair ect… if they actually were white as you proclaim….

48. Louai Munajim - 2009-05-11

An Egyptian!

All I see is Denis Rodman’s mum.

How many times does it need repeating,
Not Chinese, not Indian, not white, not black.

Egyptian are dark skin, leathery I would describe it, you have the range of skin tones, but the lips, that’s Numidian in stature.

I think the artist views the world through his own environment, which in this case is obviously American based environment.

Marsha - 2009-05-11

I have changed my opinion, the scientific evidence is overwhelming, and she is white. In fact the Egyptians were ruled by Vikings with red hair, whiter than white skin, long heads, thin lips and long necks. Can you just imagine what such rulers would have looked like to the natives, with their dark, leathery skins, flat noses, fat lips and curly hair? Amazing – and so wonder they thought these people were gods!
I think you are wrong, Egyptians were not ruled by Egyptians – look at the DNA!

49. Liam - 2009-05-11


Her elegant and chiselled features held proud and high on a swanlike neck, she has been smiling serenely for 3,400 years. At least that has long been the popular and scientific belief that draws half a million tourists to see her in Berlin every year.

But now doubt has been thrown on the authenticity of the painted limestone and plaster bust of the 18th dynasty Egyptian queen Nefertiti by two authors who claim she is a fake: Swiss art historian Henri Stierlin and Berlin author and historian Edrogan Ercivan

Marsha - 2009-05-11

Whether that particular bust is real or not is academic. The DNA, the red hair, and the rest prove that Egypt were ruled by whites from the most northern part of Europe.

50. Ace - 2009-06-10

Nefertiti was not “white” at all. The Nubians ruled Egypt for a period of time, so if anything Egyptians are really a mixed race. Next the same people will be saying that Jesus was white with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I bet that crazy 88 year old white supremacist that killed a man today in DC at the holocaust museum also believes that Nefertiti and any other great nation that wasn’t white, want’s to claim them as being white also.

51. brianca - 2009-06-30

ok if that is her she is pretty ass hell.i keep seeing stuff that she is jewish ok come on people jewish is not a race its a religon your race can’t be jewish stop saying that like it’s apart of her ethnicity

52. Halimah Nefertiti Glover - 2009-07-08

im so impressed that you really found Nefertiti. and reminded everyone how great and powerful she was. some how i feel proud because my middle name is Nefertiti and now i see why my parents gave me such a beautiful and promising name. thank you

53. nephritina - 2009-07-29

does it really matter if she was white or black people get to stuck up on other image the what within… she was a really strong women just leave it there!

54. LOOK - 2009-08-02

Before you believe something, look at the source. There may well be more bias than evidence. For example, this is DCD’s source to show that Ramses and other Egyptian rulers were white: http://www.white-history.com/earlson/rameses.htm

Look at that name WHITE-HISTORY does it sound to you like they’re giving a fair and accurate historical description of world events? In fact, when I went to the sight it was trying to prove that all great civilizations were white, and only fell when the racial makeup of the citizens changed. Now that is a biased source!

Intelligence and power are not the characteristics of a single race! Why shouldn’t Nefertiti have dark tan skin like on her bust?

55. alexia - 2009-08-19

her features can be replicated. i look just like her. really.

56. alexia - 2009-08-19

just look at my face on myspace.com/missalexia

57. bobi - 2009-09-01

That is not Nefertiti!!!

58. deeta - 2009-09-23

not quite sure if this is actually the tomb of nefertiti, but she is beautiful
she looks like iman and sessilee lopez

59. kali - 2009-09-29

she is so pretty huh

60. mohamed - 2009-10-28

OK i am egyptian ! am not saying black is better or white is better am just saying the facts ! EGYPTIANS ARE NOT BLACK AND NEVER BEEN BLACK we are white caucasian and always been ! plus she doesnt look black either cant you see ? and please dont try to change our history its our history just how it is, there was nubian black kings (NUBIAN) not Egyptian nubia was occupied by Egypt the Pharaohs the Egyptians thank you very much

Waranle - 2009-12-16

wow I never heard about Egyptians being fully Caucasian, what I heard was Egyptians were mixed black (Negroid) with white (Caucasian) which makes them Egyptians.
for mohamed, be proud of your color, 80% of your people are BROWN, not white or black, those white Egyptians you see are only actors in movies, as I heard Egypt don’t allow black people to participate in movies.

61. Waranle - 2009-12-16

as for Nefertiti, she is not white, black, Egyptian, Nubian, Greek, Swedish or Chinese, she is Somali, which explains her face characteristic which are 100% somali.

this is the famous Somali model Iman which looks like the typical somali girl.


now tell me she dosent look like her!!

62. Kay - 2010-02-21

the face forward bust looks like a transvestite or transgendered person, basically a boy dressing as a girl.

63. fgfg - 2010-03-03

a lot of work to give someone who had 100% Caucasian features a negroid look.
that people lived in Africa doesn’t mean they were automatically negroes.

”all come from a black mother” is myth and a afro-centric lie for political reasons.
the only history blacks have is what whites give them. then, now and in future to.

IF all people came from Africa who is to say they came from blacks.

The African continent was completely different in the past. so were most of the humans that lived there.
negroid is not the root it is degenerated off spring of the real human branch. there black skin has nothing to to with the sun and climate. a light taint would do. It does in other warm regions! There black skin is something else, a curse!
Problem is they are global swarmers and produce like rabbits.

64. wer - 2010-03-03

discarded !


Can’t stand the truth!

it will spit you in the face

65. wer - 2010-03-03

a lot of work to give someone who had 100% Caucasian features a negroid look.
that people lived in Africa doesn’t mean they were automatically negroes.

”all come from a black mother” is myth and a afro-centric lie for political reasons.
the only history blacks have is what whites give them. then, now and in future to.

IF all people came from Africa who is to say they came from blacks.

The African continent was completely different in the past. so were most the humans that lived there.
negroid is not the root it is degenerated off spring of the real human branch. there black skin has nothing to to with the sun and climate. a light teint would do. It does in other warm regions! There black skin is something else, a curse!
Problem is they are global swarmers and produce like rabbits.

66. wer - 2010-03-03



Negroes never produced anything and will never produce anything.
Only idiots think that blacks established Egypt.
The influx of negroids from the south was a menace to Egypt and let evidentially to it’s decay and downfall.

On there own with niggers it’s Liberia, Uganda, Kongo, and voodoo Haiti in a blink of an eye.

Whites lived in Africa and left it of the menace of negroids.
It wasn’t any different back then. Isn’t it the same story now.
When blacks move in decay starts on all levels !

Polluters of the human gene pool they are.

Look around you NEED MORE PROOF.
Just study coon behavior
No Nigs = many to say MOST problems less

valentinee - 2010-09-18

you shouldnt be so racist, its really not a good look. knowledge has no color, do some research sir, maybe you can broaden your horizons, and your vocabulary.

Propaganda! - 2011-11-01

Perhaps he is racist, but so is this revisionist bullshit propaganda that’s falsely called the face of nefertiti.

Just like he says, they obviously put at lot of work into giving her negroid features. The answer to why can’t be anything but racism because if they didn’t feel race was important, they would have left it well alone and wouldn’t try to change history.

67. angela - 2010-03-03

How nice of you to stop by, but I think you should go back to where you came from (i.e. Stormfront) where you’d be most comfortable…

68. Candee - 2010-03-31

@Wer..you say negros never produce anything.I guess those redneck hillbillies produced alot lol. Then why were slaves brought over to the Americas.I guess to produce nothing but free labor and build a nation that is #1 today. Your hate consumers your thought process. Go back to school buddy, but then again you can’t teach a retard.

Propaganda! - 2011-11-01

That may very well be true, but then.. redneck hillbillies aren’t a race. Unless you’re, true to the “anti-racist” form, suggesting that all white people are redneck hillbillies?

69. Nemo - 2010-06-16

So much stupidity in one place, it’s a shame! Of course, Egyptians were not Scandinavian, but they were not negroid either. I do not see why history should always serve the politics. It’s absolute idiocy! Read more, speak less!
And this so called “reconstruction” is ridiculous, it’s obvious!

70. Kyle - 2010-07-15

The Egyptians were Caucasians. Many of yall who support the black Egypt theory are very misguided in your idea of what it means to be white. White does not only = European. Caucasians are a broad group and Europeans are only a segment of it. Hell many Southern Europeans look close to their Middle Eastern and North African brethren. Pasty skin and light traits are recessive traits found in many, but not the majority, of Europeans. Besides…European caucasians originate in the Middle East too, like their relatives of today.
It’s amazing how so much of their art shows that they were clearly not negro, yet racist people who continue to hate on whites want to distort the truth and make up their own bullshit of excuses to try and say that it is fraudulent. Dumb ASSES.

71. Rachel - 2010-12-01

They were black. Have you ever look at the face of the Sphinx. The Greek historian Herodotus, who is considered the father of history, described them as woolly haired and black. Some of the white got mixed in when Alexander the Great came. Still, when another historian went to Egypt he said that you could tell that they were clearly of negroid ancestry.

72. Rachel - 2010-12-01

That was after centuires of mixing with Greeks and Persians that the last historian said that. Many Arabs live in Cairo today. But there are a lot of black Egyptians there. Learn some history you dumb racists. Black Egypt first great civilazation of the world. It started to go under because the Greeks came.

73. Kyle - 2010-12-02

Rachel. The claims of blacks on Egypt go unsupported in genetics and anthropology. The lie you tell yourself about the Greeks and Persians mixing with the Egyptians to bring about the population of today is not backed by science at all. The head of the sphinx is missing and therefore your claim is moot.

And no…Herodotus did not say they were black…but dark complected with curly hair. As he did describe Odysseus. You’re just another black desperate for a history they can’t have.

cv - 2011-03-13

We are all one. We all come from the same place. Its a DNA FACT!…NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Its called the HUMAN FAMILY TREE!. The project is lead by a man mamed Spencer Wells. All the arugement over black and white are meaningless. Look it up for yourselves. It is proven thru DNA that we are all one. Now Please SPREAD LOVE NOT lies.

cv - 2011-03-13

When u hate others u hate yourselves. We are all ONE!

Amy Sanders - 2011-04-26

So Egyptians were not black but white? I am white from Minnesota and as I worked for the UN have travelled a lot. What I have noticed is that History is His Story. The story of the one telling it. How can a whole continent of very dark people on have white, arabs in the one place where so many migrate? Because they MIGRATED there thus the original people WERE not white. Are you going to say ancient Egyptians were Arabs? Of course not cuz we all know Arabs WENT there,thus the natives couldnt be ARABS. Now, the whites also WENT there and no where did the greeks or romans state that the people they found there were the same colour than them. Africa is the biggest continent and the whole continent is BLACK. Now lets talk science. Egypt borders Sudan, and no one is blacker than Sudanese. You are going to tell me that a race could vary so much and go from very Black to somewhat white and arabs, that is possible where?Sudan and south Egypt mixed and were the same at one point when SUDAN RULED EGYPT and they were no difference because they were all the same:Black. The native language of Egypt spoken today, not arab is the same as in Sudan, why? Because they are the same and one. One more reason I know they were blacker than dirt is that if they were white we wouldn’t have this conversation. Historians wouldn’t have to show so many prooves as we whites control the media.Give it up, they were Blacks. But lets amuse ourselves and say they were whites. Even so, they were undeniably Africans. So Africans enslaved Jews for 400 yrs and ruled most of the old testament.THAT IS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!

Propaganda! - 2011-11-01

You’re right. (in part) Arabs are not the “original” inhabitants of Egypt, that is, they are not descended from the people who built the pyramids and such.. The copts (an ethnoreligious group that is now a minority in egypt) are! This is clear from historical sources, but also by linguistic evidence, their language, coptic (now almost extinct, most copts speak arabic) is a direct descendant of demotic egyptian. (itself a descendant of the more famous hieroglyphs)

A problem for you and your NOI-revisionist friends here is that, well, they’re actually lighter, not the opposite, than most arabs.

RJ - 2012-01-24

Please read the following article (All of You) it might shed some light on your very typical obsession with what you define as “race”. Inform yourselves a little before you comment on things as your personal “observations may be no more valuable than the value of your emotional perception on things that you have only been educated on by the media.

“Were the Ancient Egyptians Black or White?”
By Frank Yurco (BAR magazine, Sept./Oct. 1989)

Amy Sanders - 2011-04-26

I am so sorry for you kyle.Do you know if the arabs could make Sudan white they would? Do you see how they are trying to eradicate the whole race? That is what they did in Egypt. Arabs have no such history of building great monuments. No where in the middle east is the work of egypts replicated but all over that part of Africa it is…it goes without saying then they couldnt be whites, just in that one part of such a huge continent and they were def. not Arabs.

74. Kyle - 2010-12-02

Most of the face of the sphinx that is***

75. Nancey Koguchi - 2011-02-17

I consider something truly interesting about your weblog so I bookmarked .

76. Alanood Al-Salman - 2011-08-17

To end this argument about Egyptians being Black or White,
the Fact is:
North Africa is different than other regions of Africa,
meaning, all Africans are Black except for the Northern Africans,
they are all Mediterraneans:
or we can call them Berbers/Imazighens:

77. Propaganda! - 2011-11-01

Lol, the ridiculous NOI propaganda here is hilarious. Nefertiti was not black, that is a FACT, as it is known that she was of mitanni descent. (this is a region in the middle-east) Also, there are intact contemporary statues of her. There is no proof whatsoever of there ever having existed any “nubian” pharaohs or queens.

But I guess that’s whiteys fault. Evil whitey “always tryin to keep a brother down” and so on ad ifinitum. Simply put: You are ridiculous historical revisionists trying to steal other peoples history, probably because you for some strange reason feel you have no history of your own to take pride in. Nothing more, nothing less.

kiaG - 2015-07-12

Your an idiot Egypt is Afric. Nefertiti was black African Egyptian, not European. None of you racists can accept black greatness. You steal all of Africas history. Your full of it.

78. Bree - 2011-11-25

Common sense is not so common anymore. Apparently, there were Africans with dark skin and negroid features in every part of Africa but Ancient Egypt. Look at the artwork of Queen Tiye, was she not black? (…how it is defined today) Why did these women braid there hair and/or wear extensions or wigs? Research the hair grooming implements they used. They look like afro-pics to me.

This is actually sad. Does it really matter? Ancient Egyptians were more than likely various skin tones, as they appear today. Arab, Italian, sub-saharan African. People of African descent are all over the world, the daspora. They range in colour from Mariah Carey to Halle Berry, Alicia Keys to Alek Wek, Gabrielle Union to, yes Iman (who is a Black Somali that curiously looks exactly like Nefertiti’s bust) like it or not, we are all descendents of Africans.

Politically correct propaganda? Laughable. What reason would the BBC and the Discovery Channel, no less have to make this assertion? To what end?

kiaG - 2015-07-12

Yes speak facts. When they want to claim our African royalty, racists somehow come up with a bs European concept. Aficans were predominantly in Egypt at that time, thus why they chiseled all the noses of the sphinx and atatues of the pharaohs and Nefertiti. Cleopatra was black as well. They enjoy stealing black history to convince themselves blacks did not come from greatness. We are supposedly only slaves right?lol wouldn’t you wish to think that. Can’t even accept the truth so they are going to walk blindly through the facts. Smh racist

79. Bree - 2011-11-25

Moreover, race is political and psychological construct. We are basically bilogically identical. I am always puzzled why it is so important for us to classify and create dissesion based on physical appearances. It borders on the grotesque or at least the ridiculous.

80. http://tinyurl.com/feloemery14953 - 2013-02-05

I actually desire to book mark this posting, “-The Face
of Nefertiti Clipped News” on my personal internet site.
Do you really mind in the event Ido it? Many thanks ,Ardis

81. diva - 2013-02-12

she was black and so was original egypt. infact nubian civilisation predated egyptian (and both are black) . just look at the image excavated from the tomb of ramses III and you will see. (or check out books/video, on the subject
, by basil davidson and joel freeman -white men and cheik anta diop and van sertima – black man)

its ridiculous o assume that just because someone doesn’t have ‘true negro’ features (whatever that is!) they are not black. Its like saying blonde haired blue eyed white people of northern europe (england, holland) are the ‘true europeans’ and the dark haired brown eyed southern ones like (italians, spanish) are not.

I am african from Uganda and in my country the individuals and some tribes generally differ in some physical features (shade of skin, shape of nose etc). You find the full lips, broad nose, darkn skin and thin lips, aqueline nose and light skin permutations and combinations. Black people vary som much more than white or arab people. Stop the racism and open your mind

kiaG - 2015-07-12


82. Dominique - 2013-10-24

For those of you who think the most beautiful queen was white, you dead WRONG!!!! please look back at history and know how to comprehend ancient background and you do the math with that being said the lady was black!!!! DUHHHH!!!

83. Charles Wright - 2014-09-28
84. gerald - 2014-10-19

Do you think she would have passed Adolf Hitler’s test to qualify as White?

kiaG - 2015-07-12


85. kiaG - 2015-07-12

That’s why they removed the nose. NEFERTITI WAS BLACK as was cleopatra. All the sphinx were disfigured and the noses cut and chiseled away. And the lips were chiseled only to make the statues look European. Don’t be fooled. Nefertiti was black African Egyptian not European.

86. Paulo - 2015-08-20

Nicholas Reeves says scans of walls inside Tutankhamun’s burial chamber suggest resting place of legendary queen may be hidden on the other side…

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