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-Belief in ‘God’ Falling 2003-09-10

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Statistics.

Three in five Britons (60 per cent) say they believe in God, according to a new survey from the MORI Social Research Institute.

The research, conducted for the BBC TV’s ‘Heaven and Earth Show’, shows a small drop over the past five years (down from 64 per cent in 1998-02) in the percentage of Britons who say they believe in ‘God’.

One in five British people (18 per cent) say they are a practising member of ‘an organised religion’, with a quarter (25 per cent) a non-practising member.

A further quarter (24 per cent) are ‘spiritually inclined’ but ‘do not really belong to an organised religion’, whilst 14 per cent are ‘agnostic’ and 12 per cent are ‘atheist’.

Most people in Britain say their own life experience has the most influence on their views and outlook on life.

Of those asked, three in five (62 per cent) say their views are most influenced by their own life experience, while more than half (56 per cent) say their parents and almost a third (30 per cent) say their education most influence their views.

As far as religious teaching are concerned, 17 per cent say these have the most influence on their views or outlook on life.

Technical details:

  • Results are based on 1001 interviews conducted by telephone with a representative sample of British adults, aged 16+. Interviews were conducted between 8-17 August 2003. Data have been weighted to match the known population profile. Trend data is taken from a ‘Paranormal’ survey conducted by MORI on behalf of ‘The Sun’ newspaper between 1998-02-04/05 with a representative sample of 721 adults aged 18+ across Great Britain (Q2B, Q2C) and a BBC Heaven and Earth Survey conducted by MORI between 2000-12-15/17 with a representative sample of 999 adults aged 15+ across Great Britain (Q1B).


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