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-Telephone Language Translator 2003-10-06

Posted by clype in Gizmo.

Scientists claim to have invented an instant translator which will allow people talking on phones in different languages to understand each other.

A research team from Rousse in Bulgaria claim to have patented the technology which converts words spoken in one language into digital code which can then be immediately interpreted into another language.

The translator chip can be inserted into any phone, the scientists claim.

Project leader Koycho Mitev told BTV national television:

'A person can talk freely on the phone in their mother tongue and at the other end of the world people will hear the translation of what they say'.

The Bulgarian team says it has also worked out a computer program that translates texts.

Mitev said that if investors show an interest in the technology, practical application can begin within a year.

"Scientists claim to invent instant translator", Ananova 2003-10-06 Mo 11:27



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2. jerry parker - 2006-08-09

would like to have one of the divice for my phone if there is one let me know ?

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