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-Gaelic Language Legal for First Time since 1616 2003-10-11

Posted by clype in Humanities, Intolerance, Scotland.

In 1616, the Scottish Parliament ruled that the Gaelic (pron. g'ee'lik) language should be 'abolisheit and removeit'. This week we have seen a new 'Gaelic Bill' unveiled to preserve the language and promote it. Speaking at the 100th Gaelic Festival, "the Mod", in Oban, The First Minister Jack Mcconnell said:

'Gaelic must not only be seen to have a past. It must be seen to have a future too'.

The 'Gaelic Bill' will give Gaelic legal status.

It will require all public bodies to consider the need for a Gaelic language plan for their services.

It will put the new Gaelic Language Board on a statutory footing. The bill is largely symbolic. It won't have much practical effect but is being seen — by all sides — as an important symbol that Gaelic is back on the national agenda.

Gaelic education:

There are less than 70 000 Gaelic speakers left. The bill's critics say it has been too long in coming and it fails to give parents the all-important right to a Gaelic education for their children.

"Gaelic offers cultural diversion", By John Knox, BBC Scotland 2003-10-11, Sa, 10:22




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