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-“Fizzy” makes you Fat, Still Water is Slimming 2003-12-19

Posted by clype in Health, Science.

German scientists have found the secret to shedding the kilos could be as simple as drinking more water.

A study by Berlin's Charite University found that people who drank the recommended two litres of water per day burnt off an average extra 628 kJ/day [150 kilocalories/day].

The team led by professor Michael Boschmann [E-mail: boschmann@fvk.charite-buch.de] said water stimulated the sympathetic nerve system that regulates metabolism. The increased rate of metabolism was responsible for burning off the excess calories, according to a Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism report quoted in German [version of] magazine Men's Health.

The team found however that carbonated water as well as all other drinks had a negative effect and only still water worked if people wanted to get the 'slimming effect' from drinking.

"Drink water to lose weight ", Ananova 2003-12-08 Mo 12:49



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