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Moses’s Parting of Red Sea Explained 2004-01-22

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Science.

A Russian mathematician says he’s come up with a logical explanation for Moses’s ‘parting of the waves’.

  • The scene where Moses parts the waves and leads the ‘Israelites’ across the Red Sea is one of the most well known stories in the ‘Bible’.

Mr.Naum Wolzinger, from St.Petersburg, said it was to do with the changing of the tide; he says there is a reef 6m or 7m under the water that runs from one bank of the Gulf of Suez to the other at the spot where the ‘Exodus’ occurred.

He said depending on the movement of the tides — and if there was a strong wind — it was possible to cross the Red Sea keeping your feet almost dry.

Then, with a drop in the wind though and the water would flood back over the reef in large waves, explaining why they would have come crashing down on the Egyptians when they entered the seabed.

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1. lola - 2008-06-26


2. krista - 2010-10-08

that’s impossible, why are people doubting Gods ability to do anything and everything in his power. Obviously God parted the waters… not no tide.

3. JJ - 2011-09-19

Throughout the Old Testament we can see that YHWH do not have “God” powers – actually, no powers at all. He (YHWH) uses the powers of nature His(YHWH) Father (eLYoN) has built in.

If I read this and other research, I came to the conclusion that although everything happened as said in the Bible, it’s rather a fictional story wrapped around certain facts – a good novel, one might say…written by many different authors and magnified by other to portrait an altogether different view as that had really happened.

I, for all the research I’ve done so far, believe that the Ras Burun was what the Bible described as the “Red Sea” parting of the waves.


4. tara - 2011-11-21

moses was under the direction of jehovah of cause he could part the red sea

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