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Grapefruit before every meal is Slimming 2004-01-29

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Scientists say grapefruit can help slimmers shed kilograms as well as protect them against diabetes.

A 12 week pilot study in the USA found that the grapefruit diet worked wonders for 100 obese volunteers.

By simply adding grapefruit to their normal meals, they lost up to 4.5 kg.

The average weight loss was half a kilogram a month, without any other changes to diet being made.

Participants also had lower levels of insulin, which reduced their risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Emma Bunn, diabetes care advisor at the charity Diabetes UK, said:

'If grapefruit does significantly lower insulin levels this could be a potentially exciting discovery.

'We know weight loss reduces the body's resistance to insulin and therefore improves diabetes control, so weight management is important in prevention and treatment of diabetes. We will be following any further research in this area closely to establish if grapefruit could provide genuine benefits'.

Ken Fujioka, who led the research at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California, USA, plans to conduct a larger study later this year [2004].

Details of the research were reported in Chemistry and Industry, the magazine of the chemical community.

A hundred obese patients whose average weight was 97.5 kg took part in the study. One group of volunteers ate half a grapefruit before each meal three times a day, while another drank a glass of grapefruit juice before every meal. A third did not include grapefruit in their meals.

After 12 weeks, those eating grapefruit had lost an average of 1.6 kg, and some shed as much as 4.5 kg. The participants drinking grapefruit juice lost an average of 1.5 kg. But those in the control group who consumed no grapefruit only lost an average of 0.2 kg. The researchers said the weight loss was probably linked to lowered levels of insulin, which was born out by measurements of glucose levels.

"Grapefruit diet 'can help slimmers lose weight'", Ananova 2004-01-28 We 17:48



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