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Shoes That Generate Electricity 2004-02-11

Posted by clype in Gizmo.

A Croatian entrepreneur has found a way of building generators in shoes which are powerful enough to run a portable heater. The shoes are worn with a bodysuit to keep the wearer warm on a cold day.

The invention has already drawn the attention of USA military and will go into mass production.

Croatian engineer Ivica Saric said he was lining up potential sales for his “e-man” shoes and talks are at an advanced stage. Mr.Saric told Croatian daily Vecernji List the shoes are designed to generate electricity when a person walks and then transfer that power to special clothing which converts it into heat. He said:

‘The electric shoes and the special suit are of modern design and you would not be able to tell the difference between them and standard shoes and clothes.

‘The energy the shoes produce would be enough to power a laptop computer, or keep a person warm on a cold day’.

“Electro-shoes will generate their own power”, Ananova 2004-02-10 Tu 12:25



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