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Fast/Food Plan from God! 2004-05-19

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You’ve seen the Mel Gibson film. You may even have read The Book itself. But now you can have the “biblical” diet to complete your multi-media spiritual induction.

‘The Maker’s Diet’ is fast becoming one of the most popular health plans in the United States of America.

Following “The Passion of the Christ“, a wave of interest in all things Christian has swept popular culture, and now Mr.Jordan Rubin has launched his own faith-based offensive — this time on the diet industry.

At first glance, the notion of an eating plan ordained by God smacks of dieting fads gone mad. But so far, “The Maker’s Diet” is winning many fans. And even nutritionists accept that this regime has its merits.

Not only that, but when it was released in April, the book debuted at number ten on the “New York Times’ bestseller list”, and shot straight into the top of online booksellers lists.

The diet centres around biblical advice on food, health and hygiene — and specifically on the “Old Testament” books of “Leviticus and “Deuteronomy“.

The idea is to get back to basics and eat as God intended. In short, that means eating certain ‘clean’ meats and fish, avoiding the other foodstuffs, for example pork and shellfish, and filling up on whole grains, seeds, fruit and vegetables.

According to Mr.Rubin, returning to such ancient practices is the only real way to restore our health. As we suffer increasingly from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, he says we are paying the price for drifting from the original plan.

‘Our bodies were not designed to enjoy optimal health on junk food, prepackaged meals and microwave cooking,’ he says.

‘In order to benefit from God’s plan we need to examine what food He intended for us to eat and design a health plan that is based on the “Bible”, history and science in that order.’

The first part of “The Maker’s plan“, he says, is to eat a healthy diet. Meat should be divided into two groups:

  • clean — which comes from animals with a cloven or split hoof and who chew the cud (cows, sheep, goats, oxen, deer) and
  • unclean, which comes from animals that, despite chewing the cud, don’t have split hooves (such as camels, horses, rats, cats, dogs).

It is also essential not to eat pigs, as they have divided hooves and do not chew the cud, or any fish or shellfish that don’t have scales (eel, lobster or crab).

Although you may prefer not to think of the feet of your Sunday roast, Mr.Rubin insists that there is scientific reasoning behind these choices. The problem with pigs and shellfish, he says, stems from the animal’s own dietary habits.

Both of these species are ‘scavengers’ in that they eat anything that is left out for them, including other animals’ waste, and as such, they were never intended for human consumption. He even goes so far as to term shellfish:

‘lumps of devitalised and disease-producing filth, the garbage containers of the waters and the seas’.

But the diet is only the beginning. Mr.Rubin talks of seven ‘keys’ in the health plan, which will ‘unlock’ your health potential. As well as the diet, he suggests people practice advanced hygiene, reduce the toxins in their environment (chemical-packed face cleansers or unpurified water), and deal with ‘deadly emotions’.

‘Even if you are eating a balanced diet and taking good exercise, it will make little difference to your health if you are carrying around lots of anger and bitterness. That stress causes the same negative reaction in your body as junk food and will undoubtedly impact your health.’

Mr.Rubin, who himself has always had a Christian faith, also encourages people to engage in prayer at the beginning and end of every day, and to think about the purpose of their lives.

‘I tend to find that those people who are living for a reason, enjoy better health,’ he says.

‘They have a clear direction for their life and therefore take good care of themselves.’

But Mr.Rubin insists this isn’t just a theory drawn up to cash in on the world’s spirituality. He turned to the diet as a last resort when he suffered a significant health crisis.

At the age of 20, the young, fit athlete contracted a serious combination of “Crohn’s disease”, “diabetes” and a number of other ailments, and saw his weight plummet from 81.6 kg to 47.2 kg(!)

Mr.Rubin visited more than 70 health practitioners in an attempt to find the root cause, but to no avail. Eventually his father, in a chance encounter with a nutritionist from Southern California, came across this “biblical regime”.

The nutritionist prescribed a black, soil-like powder (a “probiotic”) to be taken alongside the “biblical diet”. Within months Mr.Rubin was out of his wheelchair, piling on the kilos and on his way to good health.

‘God worked a miracle in my life,’ he writes.

‘The combination of the biblical diet and the probiotics had saved my life. I gained more than 23 kg in three months. After two years of hopeless suffering I was back at home, fully restored and ready to start my life again.’

Eight years later, Mr.Rubin has turned his health trauma into “Garden of Life”, a West Palm Beach health and wellness company that he hopes can help others heal themselves or learn about healthier lifestyles.

Last year, the company recorded sales of 24 million GBP, a 175 per cent increase on the year before.

But while the majority of customer reviews on websites are overwhelmingly positive, there are others who are not entirely convinced his motives are entirely altruistic.

The scheme – effectively a thorough, detailed book review of the “Bible” — aims to make this ancient wisdom accessible to the general public.

In the back of the book are eating plans, recipes and shopping guides to help you apply “Old Testament” advice to 21st century lives. And while some of his theories, particularly those on pork and shellfish, may be dismissed by dieticians and religious leaders alike, a spokesman from ‘The British Nutritional Foundation’ said there are elements that ring true:

‘When he talks about fasting for a day to cleanse the system, that does have some benefits.

‘Obviously we would never recommend that as an everyday strategy, but so long as you drink plenty of water, fasting can sometimes help the body to restore itself. You see it occur naturally when your body is trying to fight infection, it suppresses your appetite so that your body can concentrate on getting better.

‘Sometimes fasting can also work simply because it makes people devote a day to concentrating on their health.’

Of course, Mr.Rubin himself fully admits that he did not invent this scheme. He simply says he is trying to remind people of the original plan.

‘In the same way that most people — regardless of their religious stance — accept the moral wisdom of The Ten Commandments, if they try this regime they will see that it makes perfect sense’.

With this latest food craze due to hit the UK bookshelves soon, hundreds of thousands of people will no doubt be opining on whether the food plan according to God is to be praised or not.

The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin is published by Siloam at 11.27 GBP.

“The diet to feed body and soul”, Anna Smyth, The Scotsman on-line, 2004-05-18



1. Lewis Jackson - 2006-08-17

Dear Internet editor

I recommennd the Makers Diet for anyone who wants to restore their body to full health.

I amm trying a water fast today and apart from a snidgel of papaya I have lasted until 2 pm on nothinng but water. Feeling incredibly hungry but trying to fight off the hunger pangs.

God Bless


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