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Good Parenting Can Prevent Crime 2004-08-30

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Scotland, Statistics.
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Teenage girls are more likely to truant from school but boys are more likely to be excluded because of bad behaviour, new research has found.

A team at 'The University of Edinburgh' made the conclusions while looking into the issues of truancy, parenting, gender and victimisation among young people.

  • They also found that pupils who 'bunk off' are more likely to smoke and be drinking under age.
  • And at 15, half of all truants are thought to be taking drugs.

The study is the latest in a series from 'The Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime' (more…)

Some Clichés are True 2004-08-09

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest.
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There’s nothing like a cliché to send you over the edge. You’ve just endured an awful divorce and your auntie tries to make you feel better by saying ‘there’s plenty more fish in the sea’.You watch in horror as your elderly parents prepare to go white water rafting and they try to reassure you with ‘you’re only as old as you feel’. The most obvious response to a cliché is to roll your eyes, but scratch beneath the surface and sometimes you’ll find more than a grain of truth.


Spamming using Zombie Nets 2004-08-03

Posted by clype in Gizmo.
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There is a good chance that your home computer has been 'hijacked' by 'Spammers' if you have one of the Broadband net links, especially when not using a 'firewall' or 'anti-virus' software to protect your PC.

Even if you use 'anti-virus' software but do not keep it up to date, there is every possibility that you are helping to keep 'Spam' alive and spreading.

You could also be helping 'Spammers' if you are one of those people that open up 'attachments' on e-mail messages that turn out to contain 'viruses', rather than the pictures you were promised in a subject line. (more…)