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New Oral Vaccine for Alzheimer’s 2004-10-26

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‘Alzheimer’s’ disease is characterised by progressive loss of cognitive function due to ‘Amyloid-beta’ (Aß) deposits in the central nervous system.

If these deposits could be stopped or slowed, ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease might become more manageable.

In the current issue of ‘The Journal of ‘Alzheimer’s’ Disease’, a novel paper from researchers from the ‘National Institute for Longevity Sciences’ (NCGG), Japan and ‘The Centre for Neurological Diseases’, ‘Brigham & Women’s Hospital’, ‘Harvard Institute of Medicine’, USA, shows that a new oral vaccine treatment is effective in reducing ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease pathology.

Immunisation results from the production of ‘Antibodies’ which attack the harmful agent, using the body’s own defenses to remove the threat.

In an earlier immunisation study, 6 per cent of the subjects developed acute ‘Meningoencephalitis’, most likely caused by ‘Auto-immune T-cell activation’. This caused the trial to be stopped. By developing vaccines that can minimise this ‘T-cell activation’ while retaining the production of -antibodies’, a safer treatment might result.

The researchers attached DNA’ to an ‘Adeno’-associated virus vector and administered this vaccine to mice orally.

Not only were the levels’ decreased, but the ‘T-cell immune’ response was significantly reduced. A single dose of this vaccine enhanced the production of -antibodies’ for more than 6 months. ‘Immunohistochemistry’ of the mouse brain tissue showed that the extra-cellular ‘Amyloid’ deposits were clearly decreased compared to the non-treated mouse. Hideo Hara, MD, writes:

‘This new oral vaccine does not induce strong “T cell immune” reactions, and hence it could reduce the side effect of such “Meningoencephalitis”?This new therapy seems to be effective for prevention and treatment of ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease’.

The article is ‘Development of a safe oral “Aß” vaccine using recombinant “Adeno”-associated virus vector for ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease’ by Hideo Hara, Alon Monsonego, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Kayo Adachi, Xiao Xiao, Shin’ichi Takeda, Keikichi Takahashi, Howard L. Weiner and Takeshi Tabira. It appears in ‘The Journal of ‘Alzheimer’s’ Disease’, Vol.6, Number 5, published by IOS Press.

‘The Journal of ‘Alzheimer’s’ Disease’ is an international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the ‘etiology’, ‘pathogenesis’, ‘epidemiology’, ‘genetics’, behavior, treatment and psychology of ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease. The journal publishes research reports, reviews, short communications, book reviews, and letters-to-the-editor. The journal is dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease.

About IOS Press

Commencing its publishing activities in 1987, IOS Press is a rapidly expanding scientific, technical, medical and professional publishing house focusing on a broad range of subject areas. Headquartered in Amsterdam, IOS Press publishes approximately 100 new books per annum and 60 international journals, covering topics ranging from computer science and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences. Electronic access to all journals is now available. IOS Press also maintains offices in the Washington, DC area and Berlin and a co-publishing relationship with Ohmsha, Ltd (Tokyo).

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