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Legally, Food is Addictive 2004-11-30

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An US American physician has claimed that cheese can be as addictive as ‘morphine’. (more…)

Secret Cult demand Apology from Pope 2004-11-30

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Seven hundred years after they were denounced as ‘heretics’ and condemned to torture and death, the ‘Knights Templar’ are calling for a ‘public apology’ from the ‘Roman Christian Church’. (more…)

‘Ken’ the New ‘Classical’ Music 2004-11-29

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Article on Angry New Music by Kenneth Walton:

At Glasgow’s ‘Cottier Theatre’ this weekend, prepare to meet ‘KEN’. No, we’re not talking “Barbie’s” plastic model partner, or me (Kenneth Walton) for that matter.

‘KEN’ is an event which promises to rattle the sensitivities of mild-mannered classical music-goers, shake the dust off the somewhat sanitised new music scene that currently exists, and generally stick two fingers up at the establishment, whatever that is nowadays.


New ‘Jewish’ Christmas Cards 2004-11-29

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Every December, Zack Rudman and his wife send out cards with winterscapes and generic holiday greetings.

Finally, though, the US American lawyer found a variety that seemed to better suit a ‘Jewish’ man and an ‘Episcopal’ woman with two young children as familiar with the ‘menorah’ as mistletoe. It screams ‘Merry Chrismukkah!’ (more…)

Credit Card Changing Conditions 2004-11-27

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“The Devil is in The Detail with Credit Cards” — An article by Alvin Hall

“Deadbeats”, “Revolvers”, and “Surfers” — what do these words mean to you?

I learned new definitions for them this week while doing research after watching an amazing PBS television show, ‘The History of Credit Cards’. Let me tell you what they mean in today’s credit card industry… (more…)

We Are All Potential Torturers 2004-11-27

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All humans are capable of committing torture and other ‘acts of great evil’.

That is the unhappy conclusion drawn from an analysis of psychological studies. (more…)

Credit scheme to help people buy Artworks 2004-11-25

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Instant credit, easy terms and no hassle.

The kind of perks used to sell televisions or mobile cell phones were offered yesterday [2004-11-24, We] to those ready to take the plunge and buy a work of art.

The Scottish Arts Council and its English counterpart launched the “Own Art” scheme across the UK yesterday to offer interest-free loans of up to 2 000 GBP to prospective art collectors.


Spirit of Scotland Awards 2004 2004-11-25

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Shirley Robertson, the double Olympic gold medal-winner, swapped her sailing waterproofs for a stunning black dress featuring golden-sequined dragonflies last night as she collected theTopScotaccolade at a prestigious awards ceremony. (more…)

New Scottish Bureau of Investigation 2004-11-25

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Scotland and England are to have their own separate ‘FBI’-style agencies, thwarting plans for a London-based organisation to cover constabularies on both sides of the Border.

The proposed ‘Serious and Organised Crime Agency’ (SOCA) was unveiled yesterday as a simple merger of English law-enforcement agencies, none of which has any writ over Scottish police. (more…)

Women’s Infidelity Gene 2004-11-25

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In the first ever academic study of its kind, Professor Mr.Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital in London, looked at whether there is a “genetic basis to infidelity” and concluded that there was — up to a point…

Almost 40 per cent of the culpability for women’s infidelity was put down to the genes (more…)