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Hindus riot after saint fails to die 2004-11-22

Posted by clype in Intolerance.

Followers of a Hindu saint rioted in eastern India after he failed to die at the anointed time.

More than 15
000 people turned up at the Sriguru Ashram [House in Sriguru] at Kharagaon in Orissa to see the priest ‘ascend to heaven’ between 06:00 and noon.

He hade declared a few days ago that he would attain ‘ichha mrityu’ or death by his own will, reports the Asian Age which did not name the priest.

A huge police contingent was deployed in the area by the district authorities to control the crowds.

The saint is said to have performed religious rituals at the break of dawn before sitting down to meditate.

When the meditation and prayer session continued beyond the scheduled time and the guru was discovered still alive the onlookers began to hurl abuse at him and later turned violent.

Police officers had to resort to a baton charge to disperse the angry followers and bring the situation under control.

The saint told local reporters:

‘Perhaps the will of God was somewhat different. I am very shocked to have given you so much pain. I wanted to leave my mortal body, but I could not. Please forgive me.’



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