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IE Down to Firefox 2004-11-24

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The proportion of surfers using 'Microsoft's' 'Internet Explorer (IE)' has dropped to below 90%, say web analysts.

Net traffic monitor, 'OneStat.com', has reported that the open-source browser 'Firefox' 1.0, released on 2004-11-09, seems to be drawing users away from 'IE'.

While 'IE's' market share has dropped 5% since 2004-05 to 88.9%, 'Mozilla' browsers — including 'Firefox' — have grown by 5%.

'Firefox' is made by 'The Mozilla Foundation' which was set up by former browser maker 'Netscape' in 1998.

Although there have been other preview versions of 'Firefox', version 1.0 was the first complete official program.

'It seems that people are switching from "Microsoft's" "Internet Explorer" to "Mozilla's" new "Firefox" browser,' said Mr.Niels Brinkman, co-founder of Amsterdam-based 'OneStat.com'.

Strong grip

'Mozilla' browsers — including 'Firefox' 1.0 — now have 7.4% of the market share, the figures suggest. 'Mozilla' said that more than five million have downloaded the free software since its official release.

Supporters of the open-source software in the USA managed to raise £133,000 to advertise the release of 'Firefox' 1.0 in 'The New York Times', and support 'The Mozilla Foundation'.

There was a flurry of downloads on its first day of release.

1 – 'Microsoft' 'IE' 6.0: 80.95%;
2 – 'Microsoft' 'IE' 5.0: 4.18%;
3 – 'Microsoft' 'IE' 5.5: 3.66%;
4 – 'Mozilla' 'Firefox' 0.10: 2.79%;
5 – 'Mozilla' 1.x: 2.77%;
6 – 'Mozilla' 'Firefox' 1.0: 1.79%;
7 – 'Opera' 7.x: 1.29%.
Source: 'OneStat.com' 2004-11

The figures echo similar research from net analyst WebSideStory which suggested that IE had 92.9% of users in 2004-10 compared to 95.5% in 2004-06.

'Microsoft' 'IE' has dominated the browser market for some time after taking the crown from 'Netscape', and its share of users has always stayed at around the 95% mark.

'Firefox' is attractive to many because it is open-source. That means people are free to adapt the software's core code to create other innovative features, like add-ons or extensions to the program.

Fewer security holes have also been discovered so far in 'Firefox' than in 'IE'.

Mr.Paul Randle, 'Microsoft' 'Windows Client' product manager, responded to the figures:

'We certainly respect that some customers will choose alternative browsers and that choosing a browser is about more than a handful of features.

'"Microsoft" continues to make significant investments in "IE", including "Service Pack 2" with advanced security technologies, and continues to encourage a vibrant "ecosystem" of "third party add-ons" for "Internet Explorer".'

'Firefox' wants to capture 10% of the market by the end of 2005.

Other browser software, like 'Opera' and 'Apple's' 'Safari', are also challenging 'Microsoft's' grip on the browser market. 'Opera' is set to release its version 7.60 by the end of 2004.

'OneStat.com' compiled the statistical measurements from two million net users in 100 countries.

  • 'New Browser Wins Over Net Surfers', BBC NEWS, 2004/11/24 12:18:35 UTC


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