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New Scottish Bureau of Investigation 2004-11-25

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland.

Scotland and England are to have their own separate ‘FBI’-style agencies, thwarting plans for a London-based organisation to cover constabularies on both sides of the Border.

The proposed ‘Serious and Organised Crime Agency’ (SOCA) was unveiled yesterday as a simple merger of English law-enforcement agencies, none of which has any writ over Scottish police.

The only cross-border legislation is an emergency clause that gives the ‘Home Secretary’ the power to ‘direct’ Scottish police forces if they refuse to co-operate with SOCA — but this required the ‘consent of Scottish ministers’.

The ‘Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill’ — the first in a volley of security laws designed for New Labour’s pre-election agenda — was published yesterday [2004-11-24] by Home Secretary Mr.David Blunkett.

In spite of being originally billed as a ‘British FBI’, SOCA will have no Scottish components. Its main parts will be the London-based —

  • ‘National Criminal Intelligence Service’ and the
  • ‘National Crime Squad’.

A list of directors will be chosen for SOCA, but, crucially, no places are reserved for Scots.

SOCA will also contain parts of —

  • ‘HM Customs & Excise’ and the
  • ‘Immigration Service’

— both of which are UK agencies with offices in Scotland. Their staff in Scotland will effectively become SOCA’s Scottish representatives.

But strict dividing lines were drawn by Justice Minister Ms.Cathy Jamieson, who issued a statement making clear that SOCA’s staff in Scotland would answer to Edinburgh.

Cathy Jamieson
‘They will be subject to the direction of The Lord Advocate in the investigation and prosecution of crime’, the justice minister said.

‘This will ensure that SOCA operates effectively north of the Border, while respecting devolved matters’.

In Scotland, SOCA’s tasks will effectively be performed by the —

  • ‘Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency’ (SDEA)

— which has already expanded into organised crime.

Under the plans for a Scottish ‘FBI’, the SDEA will move from its Paisley headquarters to a new Law-Enforcement Campus in Gartcosh, Lanarkshire, by 2006.

Mr.Graham Pearson, the head of the SDEA, has already visited the ‘FBI’ headquarters in Washington DC, USA, and is expected to run his new agency along the same lines.

The Gartcosh campus will also house agencies such as —

  • ‘Strathclyde Police’s forensic department’,
  • the ‘Scottish Money Laundering Unit’,
  • the ‘Scottish Witness Liaison Unit’ and the
  • ‘National Hi-Tech Crime Unit’.

The First Minister Mr.Jack Mcconnell, believes the English proposals for SOCA mirror the Scottish plans for Gartcosh. He strongly believes the two can work together without any question of subordination.

He is now urging The Home Secretary to sign up to his Gartcosh scheme, by having the Scottish staff of SOCA based there.

A ‘Scottish Executive’ source said SOCA would do well to sign up in the interests of close co-operation.

‘We are always open to applications from new tenants’, he said.



1. Richard Abbey. - 2009-08-15

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