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IE Down to Firefox 2004-11-24

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The proportion of surfers using 'Microsoft's' 'Internet Explorer (IE)' has dropped to below 90%, say web analysts. (more…)


UK TV-Digital Switchover Date Demanded 2004-11-24

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At today’s [2004-11-24] Westminster eForum Keynote Seminar, Sony spoke for the manufacturers and retailers of digital TV sets when it demanded a firmer commitment from the government to the digital switchover, warning that the UK is in danger of losing out to other countries who have already named firm dates for the change. (more…)

Glasgow Bigotry Alive and Kicking 2004-11-23

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The First Minister Mr.Jack Mcconnell, delivered an unprecedented rebuke to the players and management at Rangers and Celtic yesterday, telling the footballers they had to take responsibility for ‘inciting’ the violence that erupted across Glasgow on Saturday night [2004-11-20].


Young, Female and Scottish 2004-11-23

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It might not please the art purists, but papier-mâché pants and Michelangelo’s “David” in a kilt are the way forward, according to a new exhibition that showcases the best young female Scottish talent.

The show — simply called “Young, Female and Scottish” — opens today [2004-11-23] in London and was put together by Cynthia Corbett, a former investment banker who was inspired by the 2003 art-school degree shows in Scotland.


“Revolution” in Scot’s Law This Week 2004-11-23

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  • They are being hailed as a ‘revolution’ in Scots law and will take effect as of next week, heralding the most far-reaching legal changes to affect property ever seen in Scotland.

These reforms — which see the abolition of the feudal system of land tenure, the modernisation of title deed conditions and important new rights for flat owners — come into force on 2004-11-28, Su, consigning ancient and complex aspects of Scottish law to the history books at a stroke.

Who Believes in Evolution? 2004-11-23

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Many ‘Fundamentalist Christians’ and ‘ultra-orthodox Jews’ take alarm at the thought that human descent from earlier primates contradicts a strict reading of the ‘Book of Genesis’ — the first book of ‘The Bible’s New Testament’.


Unlimited New Energy from Sun and Water 2004-11-23

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A revolutionary new way of harnessing the power of the sun to extract almost unlimited energy from water will be a reality within seven years.

‘It would be the cheapest, cleanest and most abundant energy source ever developed’, say scientists from Australia’s University of New South Wales.

‘The main by-products would be oxygen and water’.


Hindus riot after saint fails to die 2004-11-22

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Followers of a Hindu saint rioted in eastern India after he failed to die at the anointed time.


Insomniacs tend to be Obese 2004-11-22

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Too little sleep increases the chance of becoming obese, a study has claimed. (more…)

Auction of Pictures for HIV Trust 2004-11-22

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Staring into the camera lens with clogged mascara, pancake face paint and backcombed beehives, the stars in Mr.Stanley Reilly’s pictures recall a more innocent age.

Ms.Ginger Rogers beams from the back of a limousine, Ms.Judy Garland grimaces a smile in a photograph taken before one of her last performances.