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Elderly Population Continues to Suffer 2005-01-31

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‘Age Concern Scotland’s’ new ‘Factcard’ provides information on the country’s elderly population.

It said too many pensioners were living in poverty, despite the benefits of free personal care, free central heating and free bus travel.

The figures were compiled by various independent and government groups. (more…)

Cartoon Sponge is “Not Homosexual” 2005-01-29

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[Picture of Spongebob]

‘SpongeBob SquarePants’, the wacky cartoon character who sparked a ‘GAY’ alert warning by U.S. American ‘Christian’ conservative groups, is neither ‘GAY’ nor ‘straight’.

[Picture of Pat Starfish]At least two ‘Christian activist groups’ said the innocent and hugely popular cartoon character ‘SpongeBob’ and his best mate ‘Patrick Starfish’ are being exploited to promote the acceptance of ‘homosexuality’. (more…)

Housing Market slips to 3rd Place 2005-01-28

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Britain has been ‘knocked off its top spot’ in the European house price inflation table as France takes its place.

Overall, Continental Europe saw a housing market ‘surge’ over 2004. France, Ireland and Spain saw double-digit house price inflation throughout 2004.

The UK is the only country in the study to see its new mortgage market falter, (more…)

1st World Film Festival 2005-01-28

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The line-up for the first ‘Glasgow World Film Festival’ was unveiled yesterday, with 74 films from 20 countries to be shown at cinemas across the city. (more…)

New Sex Strategy 2005-01-28

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Young people should be informed about ‘sexual health’ services and have access to them, according to ‘The Scottish Executive’s’ new strategy: ‘The Action Plan’ for ‘Improving Sexual Health’, unveiled on Thursday 2005-01-27, stresses the need for respect and taking responsibility for ‘sexual health’. (more…)

City Prostitution Zones Proposals 2005-01-28

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Liverpool City is to apply to ‘The Home Office’ for permission to set up the UK’s first official prostitution tolerance zone

— but how do other areas deal with the issue? (more…)

Plastic Surgery To be Tightened Up 2005-01-28

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Regulation of the private ‘cosmetic’ surgery industry is to be tightened to offer more protection to patients. England’s Chief Medical Officer Mr.Liam Donaldson has called for better medical training, more information for patients and a reform of regulation.

‘Cosmetic’ surgery is on the rise as surgery has become more affordable. (more…)

BBC Radio Audience Increasing 2005-01-28

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Veteran broadcaster Mr.Terry Wogan has set a new record by pulling in more than eight million listeners to his BBC Radio Two breakfast show.

The 66-year-old’s ‘Wake Up With Wogan’ programme is now firmly established as the nation’s favourite breakfast show after his audience grew by 410 000 in the last three months to pass the 8 million mark for the first time.

BBC Radio One’s Mr.Chris Moyles was left trailing (more…)

Millions to come to Glasgow 2005-01-27

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Plans for expansion at one of Scotland’s largest airports have been given ‘the green light’ by ministers, it was announced yesterday (more…)

Murray Archive Sold 2005-01-27

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'The John Murray Archive' was secured for Scotland yesterday, though it came with a 31.2 million GBP price tag.

'The National Library of Scotland' won a 17.7 million GBP lottery grant, the biggest ever awarded in Scotland, to help buy the unique collection of original letters and manuscripts by Lord Byron, David Livingstone, Jane Austen and many others. (more…)