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1st World Film Festival 2005-01-28

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities.

The line-up for the first ‘Glasgow World Film Festival’ was unveiled yesterday, with 74 films from 20 countries to be shown at cinemas across the city.

Among the highlights are Mr.Woody Allen’s latest film, ‘Melinda and Melinda’, and critically acclaimed titles such as ‘Spanglish’, ‘The Machinist’ and ‘The Woodsman’. The festival runs from 2005-02-10 to 2005-02-17. Mr.Nick Varley, the festival’s director, said the aim was to fill what he claimed was a gap in Glasgow’s cultural calendar:


‘You have a city that still has the highest cinema attendance per population outside of London’, he said.

‘You have cinemas that work together throughout the year to provide a vast range of films — and you have the fact that Glasgow is a major city and doesn’t have its own festival, and that is a bit of an oddity’.

He also defended the event against claims that it was in any way a challenge to the International Film Festival in Edinburgh, stating that the capital’s festival organisers had given their support to it.

‘Scotland and the UK as a whole has a major film festival in Edinburgh’s’, he added.

‘But in setting this up, we didn’t want to be seen to set up something that was rivalling Edinburgh or in competition to it.

‘It would be foolish to suggest that we could even do it.

‘We’re trying to celebrate Glasgow’s passion for the movie, with the hope that we can attract people from other parts of the UK’.

Though the festival organisers have striven to present examples of world cinema, the Glasgow public were given the opportunity to influence the programme by voting for their favourite films of all time.

As a result, ‘Gone With the Wind’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ will all receive showings during the festival.



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