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Elderly Population Continues to Suffer 2005-01-31

Posted by clype in Statistics.

‘Age Concern Scotland’s’ new ‘Factcard’ provides information on the country’s elderly population.

It said too many pensioners were living in poverty, despite the benefits of free personal care, free central heating and free bus travel.

The figures were compiled by various independent and government groups.

The ‘Factcard’ states that local authority-supported care home residents in Scotland receive 18.10 GBP/week as a ‘personal expenses allowance’.

This is meant to pay for basic items such as toiletries, clothes, hairdressing, telephone calls, newspapers and holidays.

The ‘Factcard’ also states that in 2003, over a million (1 084 216) of Scotland’s five million (5 057 400) population were aged over 60.

By 2011, 1 187 040 people will be over 60, and by 2031, the figure is predicted to be over one-and-a-half million (1 513 854). The ‘Factcard’ also reveals:

  • Nearly three-quarters of single pensioner households in Scotland live on less than 200 GBP/week
  • 50 per cent of people aged 70 or over have a limiting illness, ‘health problem’ or ‘disability’
  • 1 515 pensioners were reported as ‘homeless’ in 2002-2003
  • 48 per cent of men and 57 per cent of women aged between 50 and 69 are ‘unemployed’.

‘Age Concern Scotland’s’ Ms.Jess Barrow said the factcard revealed ‘very telling’ statistics about elderly people. She said:

‘Although people are benefiting from free personal care, free central heating and free local bus travel, there are still too many older people living in poverty and poor housing. ‘Scotland still has “a long way to go” to ensure that everyone enjoys a decent old age’.

Ms.Sandra White MSP, convener of the cross-party group on age and ageing, said the ‘Factcard’ was ‘a breath of fresh air’ from the usual facts and figures politicians received. She said:

‘It’s a handy “pocket-sized” booklet with “easy to obtain” facts and figures, easy to carry and to locate appropriate information’.

Mr.Donald Gorrie MSP said:

‘This year’s “Factcard” is both exceptionally useful and at the same time worrying. ‘It’s a valuable tool for politicians and campaigners alike, but “the stark reality” of its “facts and figures” reveal just how much more we have to do for pensioners in Scotland’.



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