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Students Dropping 2005-01-27

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The number of Scots going to university has dropped for the first time in five years despite attempts by ‘The Scottish Executive’ to get more people into higher education.Statistics published yesterday 2005-01-26, showed that fewer Scots applicants had been accepted to attend UK universities than in the previous year. The last time there was such a drop was between 1998 and 1999. (more…)


The Migration Report 2001 Published 2005-01-26

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The extent to which Scotland’s young are ‘heading south’ to seek work was ‘laid bare’ yesterday 2005-01-25 by a new report. ‘The Migration Report’, compiled by the Registrar-General for Scotland from 2001 census data, warns that emigration from remote rural areas is a ‘big problem’. (more…)

Scotland to Get Trespass Law to Protect Royal Family 2005-01-25

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Measures aimed at helping police in England & Wales tackle intruders on Crown land are likely to lead to a new offence of ‘Trespass’ being introduced in Scotland. (more…)

Changing History to include Women 2005-01-19

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‘Writing women back into history books’ — and article by Ian Johnston.  

John Knox would not be amused. His ‘monstrous regiment of women’ is again on the march.


Zombie Web Blitzer Nabbed? 2005-01-14

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A man has been arrested on suspicion of launching attacks over the internet after an operation between Scottish police and 'The US American Secret Service'.

A number of houses were searched in the Elgin area of north east Scotland on Friday 2005-01-14, and computers seized. (more…)