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Safe-Cracking Folk Hero Movie? 2005-03-31

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Scotland.

‘Gentle Johnny’ Ramensky was ‘The Prince of “Petermen”‘, a safe-blower without peer and wartime commando cracksman, whose exploits turned him into a folk hero. Now, 100 years after his birth, the story of Scotland’s most famous — rather than infamous — safe-breaker seems set to be made into a film. (more…)

New Cancer vaccine? 2005-03-31

Posted by clype in Health, Money.
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A new cancer vaccine, which could be used for the mass immunisation of the general population against the killer disease, is under development by Scottish scientists. (more…)

Families in UK getting Poorer 2005-03-31

Posted by clype in Money, Statistics.
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British households are growing poorer for the first time since ‘The 1991 Recession’ as The Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr.Gordon Brown’s tax rises take their toll on families’ wealth, government new figures have revealed. (more…)

PPP Excess or Success? 2005-03-27

Posted by clype in Money, Scotland.
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Scotland’s controversial Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects will have cost taxpayers 8 000 million GBP by 2018/2019, according to ‘The Scottish Executive’s’ own figures. (more…)

Return of Berlin Wall? 2005-03-27

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Statistics.
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Nearly a quarter of western Germans and 12 per cent of easterners want the Berlin Wall back — more than 15 years after the fall of the barrier that split Germany during ‘The Cold War’, according to a survey. (more…)

M74 Extension Goes Ahead 2005-03-25

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance, Money, Scotland, Statistics.
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The MSP for Transport, Mr.Nicol Stephen has today 2005-03-25, approved the building of the long-delayed 500 million GBP extension to the M74 to the south of Glasgow, saying it would bring clear economic benefits. Known as ‘the road to nowhere’, the (more…)

Getting Children to Behave 2005-03-24

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Science.

Trying to tame a ‘toddler’ in the midst of a ‘tantrum’ can seem an impossible task. Take a meal-time ‘strop’, or an over-tired child determined not to go to bed — the ‘battles’ are ‘never ending’. But when Ms.Jo Frost stormed onto our TV screens last summer as ‘Supernanny’, she brought hope to parents nationwide that these battles can be won. (more…)

Scottish Ancestry Most Popular White Ethnic Identity 2005-03-23

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland, Statistics.
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‘Plaid It Again, Uncle Sam’ — an article by Radio Broadcaster, Mr.David Stenhouse: Dunvegan Castle is the ancestral homeland of the Clan Macleod, an impregnable fortress which has withstood attack, siege and 800 years of Scottish weather.

Normally it sits where it always has, on the Isle of Skye, West of Portree. But at the end of last year 2004, I had an unexpected encounter with Dunvegan Castle in a field in New Hampshire — USA! (more…)

The New Rebellious Shoppers 2005-03-23

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They favour the local grocery store over the soul-less supermarket and the smile of the bank clerk over the impersonal directness of the call centre — the new breed of ‘rebellious consumer’ wants a return to the personal service of the past. (more…)