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The Shangri-La Diet 2005-10-04

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Mr.Seth Roberts is a 52-year-old psychology professor at The University of California at Berkeley.

If you knew Mr.Roberts 25 years ago, you might remember him as a man with problems.

  • He had acne, and most days he woke up too early, which left him exhausted.
  • He wasn’t depressed, but he wasn’t always in the best of moods.
  • Most troubling to Mr.Roberts, he was overweight: at 1.8m, he weighed 91kg. (91/1.8/1.8 = 28.08kg/m2 BMI).

When you encounter Seth Roberts today, he is a clear-skinned, well-rested, entirely affable man who weighs about 72.5kg and looks 10 years younger than his age. (72.5/1.8/1.8 = 22.38kg/m2 BMI).

How did this happen? It began when (more…)