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Darwin’s Compatible With Christianity 2006-02-12

Posted by clype in Intolerance.

Nearly 450 Christian churches in the USA are celebrating the 197th birthday of Rev.Charles Darwin on Sunday 2006-02-12. The churches say Darwin’s theory of biological evolution is compatible with faith and that Christians have no need to choose between religion and science, ‘The Chicago Tribune’ newspaper reported.


‘It’s to demonstrate, by Christian leaders and members of the clergy, that you don’t have to make that choice.

‘You can have both,’ said Michael Zimmerman, dean of the College of Letters and Sciences at ‘The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’, who organised the ‘Evolution Sunday’ event.

A variety of denominational and non-denominational churches, including Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Congregationalist, United Church of Christ, Baptist and a host of community churches, are participating in the event, which grew out of Mr.Zimmerman’s ‘The Clergy Letter Project’, another effort to dispel the perception among many Christians that faith and evolution are mutually exclusive, the newspaper said.




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2. interspiritualchristian - 2009-05-21

Absorbing the theory of evolution into a living Christianity is a very important step in the “evolution” of the Church.

Fred Bear - 2009-06-28

… just as Christianity absorbed and evolved so many other cultures and religions.

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