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Most Scots Will Support “England” 2006-03-31

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More than two-thirds of Scots will be cheering for the 'England' football team during this summer's World Cup finals, according to a survey for the 'BBC' — a statistic described by a leading member of the 'tartan army' as 'astonishing'. (more…)

Women Have Changed Their Minds About Sex Again 2006-03-31

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The US American hit Comedy TV Show 'Sex in the City's' image of women seeking casual encounters for pleasure does not quite fit the latest research; 9 out of 10 women interviewed in a 'snapshot survey' said they thought 'one night stands' were immoral… Researchers investigating female attitudes to sex and sexuality found most women had more traditional views of casual sex than they expected. (more…)

New Mexico Spaceport Announced 2006-03-30

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As a business card, it takes some beating: ‘Will Whitehorn, President, Virgin Galactic.’

A few years ago, one might have been excused for presuming that Edinburgh-born Mr.Whitehorn was on his way to a ‘Trekkies’ convention’, but this week ‘Virgin Galactic’, the space tourism company established by Mr.Richard Branson, fanfared its very real plans for commercial space flights within two years. It has also announced the first purpose-built commercial spaceport, to be built in New Mexico at a cost of 129 million GBP.

Among celebrities who have already booked their six-figure tickets (more…)

‘iPods’ May Damage Hearing 2006-03-30

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'Apple' has introduced volume controls for 'iPods' following fears about links between personal music players and potentially irreversible hearing loss.

The company has made available a free download update allowing users to set a personal maximum volume limit. Parents will also be able to set a locked limit on their child's players. Health experts want more studies into the effect on hearing of earphones and 'Apple' is facing a US American legal action claiming the 'iPod' can damage hearing. (more…)

Microsoft Slow to Patch IE Security Loophole 2006-03-29

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Security firms have released ‘patches’ for a critical loophole in ‘Microsoft’s’ browser that leaves users open to attack. The release pre-empts ‘Microsoft’ which is not due to release a fix for the bug until 2006-04-11. The security firms said the ‘patches’ were needed because hundreds of websites had been created to exploit the loophole. But ‘Microsoft’ said it did not recommend that users apply the ‘patches’. (more…)

Pop Goes Digital 2006-03-29

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More people than ever are downloading music on their cellphones, new data suggests.

Nearly seven per cent of all chart music bought this year has been downloaded through a mobile service, according to 'The Official UK Charts Company' (OCC). That represents nearly 70 000 chart singles bought every week by people on the move. Users of the 3G network '3' account for more than half the total sales. The rest are made up by customers from the'Vodafone' and 'Orange' networks. (more…)

Economy Needs Healthy People 2006-03-29

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If workers exercised more, levels of sick leave could be cut dramatically, saving the UK economy 487 million GBP/year, a report has said. According to consultants 'Deloitte', only 48 per cent of the population exercise enough to meet the government's recommended target of 150 minutes per week. (more…)

What To Be Buried With 2006-03-29

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More people than ever are asking to be buried or cremated with their cellphones when they die, say researchers. The trend, which began in South Africa, has now spread to a number of countries, including Ireland, Australia, Ghana, and the USA. (more…)

Top Ten Football Teams 2006 2006-03-29

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The Top Ten most valuable football clubs on the planet for 2006 are:


Woman Attacks Heavily Pregnant Woman In Street 2006-03-28

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A bank employee has been electronically tagged and ordered to pay 1 000 GBP in compensation after an assault on a woman who was just days from giving birth. (more…)