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Over Half of Road Repairs Need Repairing 2006-03-21

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Utility firms in Glasgow are ‘failing’ to adequately repair roads dug up during work, a council study has found. An independent report going before Glasgow City on 2006-03-21 Tuesday found that more than half of repairs examined failed to meet standards. Councillor Mr.Willie O’Rourke said:

‘We are sending out a message that we are watching and this quality of work is not acceptable on our city’s streets.’

Utility companies will now receive failure notices calling for repairs. The report will go before the council’s roads and lighting committee.

Remedial work:

It follows a ‘coring’ exercise – where a sample of the top layer of a road is taken and analysed for depth, compaction, consistency and bonding. The majority of failures relate to depth. The council said a poorly refilled road or pavement shortens the life of the repair, causing traffic problems and further disruption to services.

  • In the independent coring exercise 813 samples were taken from utility repairs carried out between 2002 and 2004. Of that number 448 failed, 11 were marginal fails and 354 passed.

Mr.O’Rourke, convenor of the City’s roads and lighting committee, said:

‘We will be sending out failure notices to the utilities obliging them to carry out remedial work as well as cover the cost of the coring.’

The City said it was concerned about what lay under the top layer.


1. RayW - 2011-08-23

Evening Times: http://tinyurl.com/43ghbe2
23 Aug 2011

“Utility firms are botching almost half of all repair jobs in Glasgow streets leaving the roads ripe for potholes to appear.

The latest inspection results, revealed today, show repair jobs in Glasgow by the major utility firms are the worst in Scotland with four in every ten jobs below acceptable levels.

Across Scotland the failure rate was just 26% and some utilities did a far better job in other council areas than in Glasgow.”

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