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Woman Attacks Heavily Pregnant Woman In Street 2006-03-28

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland.

A bank employee has been electronically tagged and ordered to pay 1 000 GBP in compensation after an assault on a woman who was just days from giving birth.

Ms.Heather Mckay, 25, from Lanarkshire, carried out the vicious attack to get what she saw as revenge for her brother, who previously had a relationship with the woman.

The unprovoked attack happened as the woman, Ms.Donna Mcgivern, and her partner, Mr.Joseph Ryan, were making their way home on 2004-07-31, at Shawhead, Coatbridge.

Airdrie Sheriff Court heard yesterday how she attacked Ms.Mcgivern, from Coatbridge, who was nine months pregnant at the time of the assault. Ms.Mckay, of Shawhead, repeatedly punched her about the face and on the body. Her lawyer, Mr.Rick Ackland, said:


'It is a serious matter in any circumstances.

'There is evidence of violence by her, but she maintains she did not know the woman was pregnant.

'Emotions were running very high that day.'

Both Ms.Mckay and her younger brother, Jackie, were found guilty by a jury last month after a four-day trial.

The court heard Ms.Mcgivern had a previous relationship with Mr.Jackie Mckay, before starting up a relationship with Mr.Ryan. Sentencing Ms.Heather Mckay, The sheriff, Mr.Alfred Vannet, said:

'This was a particularly nasty assault on a heavily pregnant woman, whom you say you didn't know was pregnant.
'You only just escape a jail term, but instead you will be imprisoned in your home for six months by way of a tagging order.
'This was the same period in which Ms.Mcgivern had to stay at home for fear of going outside after your attack on her.
'It is only right that you should suffer the same time at home,' Mr.Vannet said.
'If you breach the tagging order you will be brought back before me and it is a strong probability that you will go to prison.'

Ms.Mckay, who is a customer service officer with a national bank, has been ordered to remain at home for the next six months from 21:30pm until 08:00, and ordered to cancel any proposed holidays. She was also ordered to pay 1 000 GBP in compensation to her victim, to be made at 80 GBP/month.

Mr.Jackie Mckay, 19, also of Shawhead, was convicted by a jury of serious assault.

He attacked Mr.Ryan by striking him on the face with a brick, causing him to fall to the ground. He then repeatedly kicked Mr.Ryan on the head and body, and then struck him on the head with a brick and a bottle, causing him severe injury and permanent disfigurement. Mr.Ross Brown, representing Mr.Mckay, told the court:

'It would be helpful to obtain a report from the community disability learning team before sentencing him.'

Sheriff Vannet deferred sentence on Mr.Jackie Mckay until 2006-05-04 to obtain the background report. He was released on bail.


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