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Most Scots Will Support “England” 2006-03-31

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland, Statistics.

More than two-thirds of Scots will be cheering for the 'England' football team during this summer's World Cup finals, according to a survey for the 'BBC' — a statistic described by a leading member of the 'tartan army' as 'astonishing'.

The 'ICM' survey found that an average of 67 per cent wanted the 'Auld Enemy' to win the cup. The precise percentage varied marginally according to which team 'England' would play in the final.

It rose to 69 per cent if Mr.Sven-Goran Eriksson's side were to end up playing 'Germany', and fell slightly in the event of 'England' meeting 'Brazil'.

A quarter of respondents hoped 'England' would be knocked out, perhaps beaten by unfancied 'Trinidad & Tobago', who feature Falkirk's Mr.Russell Latapy, Rangers' Mr.Marvin Andrews and other players based in Scotland. But Mr.Tommy Madden, president of 'The West of Scotland Tartan Army Supporters' Club', expressed surprise at how many Scots would apparently be cheering on England.


'I'm astonished that 67 per cent want "England" to win it,' he said.

'But it's a good thing; I go abroad to see "Scotland" regularly and we have met up with "English" supporters, the real "English" supporters, and they are just the same as "the tartan army"; they love their team.'

He said he would have thought most Scots would not have strong feelings about the fate of their neighbours.

'There are a lot who recognise "England" are a good football team. It would be fine for them to win the World Cup.

'The problem is the commentators;

'They boost the team up and go over the top and you get so angry … I watch with the sound turned down so I can't hear them.'

Mr.Lou Macari, who played for 'Scotland' in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, when 'England' failed to qualify, said he could not bring himself to support 'England' despite having lived there for years.

'I'll be supporting "Angola", just to support somebody. I'm just disappointed "Scotland" are not there,' he said.

The survey also found Scots were pleased that London had been named the host of the 2012 Olympics — even more so than Londoners.

Three out of four Scots were happy the city was to stage the event, compared with 71 per cent of those living there.



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