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Architect Speak Out Against Glasgow Vs Edinburgh 2006-04-29

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Leading Edinburgh Architect Sir Terry Farrell has lost patience with the lack of progress in getting Glasgow and Edinburgh to work together, and has condemned their ‘tribal’ rivalry as similar to divides in the Balkans or Ireland.

Mr.Farrell said he was ‘fairly gobsmacked’ by the lack of co-operation between Scotland’s two main cities and repeated his calls for one major international airport serving both cities and better communication links between them.

But his remarks in ‘Holyrood Magazine’ prompted a furious response (more…)

140 Wind Turbines For Glasgow’s Skyline 2006-04-28

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The biggest onshore wind farm in Europe is to be built on a vast stretch of moorland near Glasgow and will open by the end of the decade, ‘The Scottish Executive‘ announced yesterday 2006-04-27.

Ministers consented to the 140-turbine farm, to be built on high ground to the south of East Kilbride. The farm will cover a huge area of moorland and forestry, on a site at Whitelee measuring 7.2 miles by 4.3 miles. (more…)

Net Domains Vulnerable 2006-04-28

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Simple attacks could let malicious hackers take over more than one-third of the net's sites, reveals research.

The finding was uncovered by researchers who analysed how the net's addressing system works.

They also found that if the simple attacks were combined with so-called denial-of-service attacks, 85 per cent of the net becomes vulnerable to take-over.

The researchers recommended big changes to the net's addressing system to tackle the vulnerability at its heart. (more…)

Early Births & Life Problems 2006-04-21

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Medical doctors are warning that the trend towards more preterm deliveries could have considerable health implications.

Obstetrician Professor Mr.Andrew Shennan said early delivery can lead to physical and mental health problems, ‘The British Medical Journal’ stated. (more…)

New Internet Security Alert: Firefox included 2006-04-20

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Computer users are being urged to update the 'Firefox' web browser to close serious security holes in it.

Some of the security lapses in 'Mozilla' software, which 'Firefox' is based on, could allow malicious hackers to hijack computers. (more…)

Drivers trust GPS more than their own eyes 2006-04-20

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We've heard reports before about the dangers of driving while under the influence of GPS, but it looks like drivers in the UK have taken trust of their navigation units to the extreme.

Twice in the space of the last two weeks, we've seen reports of British drivers taking serious risks because they trust the info displayed on the small screen more than what they see through their windshield. (more…)

Vasectomy Problems 2006-04-16

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Fears have been raised that men are not taking the necessary steps to ensure their vasectomies have been a success. (more…)

French Smoking Ban Up In Smoke 2006-04-16

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Relieved French tobacco smokers can muse that every cloud has a silver lining as they enjoy a cigarette at the bar with their morning coffee. The government, weakened by a battle with unions and students over a controversial youth jobs contract, backed away from a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants this week to avoid a confrontation with France’s many smokers and tobacconists. (more…)

The UK Interdependence Report: Findings Not Good 2006-04-15

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The UK is about to run out of its own natural resources and become dependent on supplies from abroad, a report says. (more…)

Internet Clocks Threatened By Domestic Equipment 2006-04-13

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Home network hardware supplier 'D-Link' has been accused of harming the net's ability to tell the time accurately.

Detective work has found that many 'D-Link' routers, switches and wireless access points are bombarding some net time servers with huge amounts of data. Time servers help many net functions run smoothly. For instance they have a role in deciding who made the last bid in 'eBay' auctions. 'D-Link' is now taking action after protests from time server overseers. (more…)