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Rise in Home Births 2006-04-05

Posted by clype in Health, Scotland, Statistics.

The number of Scottish women who give birth at home has soared, according to new figures. A total of 609 mothers in 2004 chose to have their babies delivered in the comfort of their own homes, up 12.5 per cent, from 542, on the previous year.But despite the increase revealed by BirthChoiceUK.com, campaigners said the figure, which accounts for just over 1 per cent of pregnant women, was 'disappointing'.

Head of Policy Research at 'The National Childbirth Trust' Ms.Mary Newburn said it was good news more women were choosing to give birth at home but said too few were given the full range of choices. She added:

'It is clear many women still find it difficult to choose a home birth, and that there is often a succession of barriers in their way.'

With a rate of 0.2 per cent, women in East Renfrewshire are the least likely Scots to give birth at home. The home-birth findings came as figures revealed the rate for 'Caesarean' births at 'The Princess Royal Maternity Hospital', part of 'Glasgow Royal Infirmary', was 26 per cent, while 'The Southern General Hospital's' rate was 23 per cent.

'The Queen Mother's Hospital', one of Scotland's leading hospitals dealing with difficult births which contributes to a high percentage of 'Caesarean' births, had a rate of 31 per cent — the second highest in Britain.

The general increase in 'Caesarean' births is being blamed on medics' fear of litigation rather than mums being 'too posh to push' in new book 'Caesarean Birth in Britain', by scientists from 'Middlesex University'. Author Professor Mr.Colin Francome said:

'We have spoken to 100 consultants to find the reasons for the increase in "Caesareans".

'They are telling us is they are scared of being sued.'



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