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Higher Unemployment 2006-04-13

Posted by clype in Scotland, Statistics.


  • Unemployment in Scotland increased by 3000 between 2005-12 and 2006-02 to 142000, a rate of 5.4 per cent.
  • However, the figure is lower than for the corresponding period a year ago.
  • Employment levels rose by 8 000 over the year with the rate increasing to 75.4 per cent but there was a marginal fall in the last quarter.

'The Scotland Office' said that, despite the quarterly fall, the employment rate continued to outperform the UK and most other countries in 'The European Union'.

'Vibrant economy':

Scotland Office Minister Mr.David Cairns said:

'The number of people in work in Scotland reflects the "strong and vibrant" Scottish economy.

'The "slight rise in unemployment" is, of course, disappointing but levels and rates remain "low by historic standards".

'Unemployment in Scotland has been cut by "around one third" since 1997 and the number of people in work remains "very close to record highs".

'The outlook for the Scottish economy is "positive" and the government remains "fully committed" to ensuring that all Scots are "able" to take "advantage" of the "opportunities" that work "can offer".'



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