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Higher Unemployment 2006-04-13

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  • Unemployment in Scotland increased by 3000 between 2005-12 and 2006-02 to 142000, a rate of 5.4 per cent.
  • However, the figure is lower than for the corresponding period a year ago.
  • Employment levels rose by 8 000 over the year with the rate increasing to 75.4 per cent but there was a marginal fall in the last quarter.

'The Scotland Office' said that, despite the quarterly fall, the employment rate continued to outperform the UK and most other countries in 'The European Union'. (more…)

Declining Exports 2006-04-07

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Exports have now declined 36 per cent since 2000, at an average of 2.2 per cent a quarter. Official estimates released yesterday by 'The Scottish Executive' showed that the value of goods made in and sold overseas during 2005 looks likely to fall by another 1.8 per cent — but the rate of decline is slowing. (more…)

Bidding for UK’s 1st Super Casino 2006-04-06

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Three Scottish local authorities are battling it out for the right to be home to the ‘Las Vegas of the north’.

  • Glasgow,
  • West Dunbartonshire and
  • Midlothian

All have applied for permission to host Britain’s first super-casino, at possible sites on the banks of the Clyde, Ibrox Stadium or south of the Edinburgh bypass. Three other authorities —

  • Dumfries and Galloway,
  • Renfrewshire and
  • Falkirk,

— have applied for smaller casinos. These would be based on the Stranraer waterfront, Paisley town centre or next to Falkirk Stadium.

  • However, the six Scottish hopefuls face stiff competition from 62 other applications across the UK, including Blackpool, Southend-on-Sea and Westminster.


Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 2006 2006-04-06

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[Picture of Paulo Mendes da Rocha]The winner of the world’s most prestigious Architectural Prize for the year 2006 has been announced as Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha. (more…)

NHS, Unis & Pharmaceutical Company to Join Together 2006-04-05

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Scotland is to lead the world in the development of 'personalised drugs', which are expected to revolutionise treatment for 'cancer', 'heart disease', 'diabetes' and 'mental illness'.

In an unique 50 million GBP collaboration between universities, NHS boards and the pharmaceutical giant 'Wyeth', the medical records of thousands of Scottish patients will be used to design new treatments tailored to individual patients depending on their own genetic make-up. (more…)

Premature Babies Feel Pain 2006-04-05

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Premature babies experience feelings of pain rather than simply displaying reflex reactions, a study says. (more…)

Rise in Home Births 2006-04-05

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The number of Scottish women who give birth at home has soared, according to new figures. (more…)

Genetically Clever 2006-04-02

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Clever people outsmart their peers — not because they have more grey matter — but because part of their brain develops differently, a 'Nature' study suggests. (more…)