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Calls for Capital to Reject Trams 2006-05-30

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Plans to restore trams to the streets of Scotland’s capital for the first time in more than 50 years are coming under growing pressure after it emerged that Edinburgh is now the only local authority in Britain that is pressing ahead with a new scheme.


Technicalities No Use in Appeal 2006-05-30

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance.
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Appeal judges refused yesterday to quash the convictions on grounds of legal technicalities.
The Crimes:
In 1999-09, Mr.Adams, an alcoholic former professional boxer who had a history of mental illness and stayed in a hostel in Glasgow, pushed Mr.Thomas Morgan, 46, another resident of the hostel, into the river at Glasgow Green and watched him drown. About two weeks later, he did the same to Mr.John Sinnamon, 52, another hostel resident who would have been a witness against Mr.Adams over the first death. (more…)

Seaside Property Prices 2006-05-27

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A former pit village which suffered after the collapse of the coal industry has been named as the country’s top property hotspot. A survey found that average house prices in Seaham, on the edge of the County Durham coalfield, have gone up by 172 per cent to¬† 117 266 GBP in the last three years. (more…)

The Semantic Web? 2006-05-25

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Much of the talk at ‘The 2006 World Wide Web Conference’ has been about the technologies behind the so-called ‘semantic web’.

  • Phrases like ‘increased intelligence’, ‘next generation’ and ‘bringing meaning to the web’ are being bandied around by researchers, exhibitors and delegates alike.

But like many big ideas, behind the hype (more…)

MySpace Vs Bebo 2006-05-24

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Community websites MySpace and Bebo are fighting to see who is most popular among young people, reveals research.

Analysis by 'Nielsen NetRatings' shows the two companies have regularly swapped the top spot in sites that give people space to blog and post pictures.

'Nielsen' said the pair are the fifth and sixth biggest brands on the net when measured by page views. (more…)

World’s 2nd Android Robot 2006-05-04

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[Picture of the real Android]Korea has developed its own android capable of facial expressions on its humanoid face, the second such machine to be developed after one from Japan. (more…)

Government Control of the Internet 2006-05-04

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Repressive regimes are taking full advantage of the net’s ability to censor and stifle reform and debate, reveals a report.

Written by the ‘Reporters Without Borders‘ (‘RSF’) pressure group the report highlights the ways governments threaten the freedom of the press.

The report has a section dedicated to the internet (more…)