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Biggest Private Company 2006-06-30

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Grampian Country Foods‘ (‘GCFG’) has been named as Scotland’s biggest private company for the fourth year in a row.

The Aberdeen-based company was placed 13th on ‘The Sunday TimesKPMG Top Track 100, which ranks UK firms by sales.

Annual sales of 1 850 million GBP saw the firm edge ahead of Glasgow-based car dealer ‘Arnold Clark‘, which was 15th in the UK.

Four other Scottish companies made the list (more…)

No Crime. Know Your Neighbours. 2006-06-29

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Window locks and sophisticated alarms are ‘all very well’, but the answer to stopping burglars could well be knowing your next-door neighbour’s name and regularly ‘twitching your curtains’. (more…)

‘Fon’ Fun: WWW WiFi 4all! 2006-06-29

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A Spanish firm is to sell subsidised routers as part of a plan to turn domestic wi-fi networks into public hotspots.

  • ‘Fon’ will sell wi-fi routers, which allow people to surf the net wirelessly, for 2.75 GBP.

The company, which has financial backing from ‘Google’ and ‘Skype’, aims to create public wi-fi networks street by street across the USA and Europe. (more…)

Eyes Keep Us Honest 2006-06-28

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The feeling of being watched makes people act more honestly, even if the eyes are not real, a study suggests. (more…)

Wimax & 3G 2006-06-26

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Invariably new technologies arrive as the answer to all our dreams, and then quickly turn into a nightmare of compatibility issues and specification disappointments. (more…)

Wi-Fi City 2006-06-26

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Glasgow city centre is to receive a fully-integrated roaming wireless internet service within the next 18 months.

The council has pledged to make Glasgow among the first cities to have such a system, allowing laptop users to connect to their networks almost anywhere.

New USA Govt Report on Global Warming 2006-06-25

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A report requested by the US American Congress has found that there is enough scientific evidence to conclude that the past few decades have been the warmest in the past 400 years.

It is less certain, though 'probable', that the past 25 years have also been the warmest since the year 900, say the authors of the report from 'The National Academies of Science' ('NAS'), the non-profit body that advises the USA government.

They also conclude that humans may have influenced the recent warming.

While some people 'have attempted to promote the idea that the recent warming is a natural phenomenon' unconnected with human activity, 'this report renders that notion much less plausible', comments the President of 'The Royal Society' Mr.Martin Rees on the findings.


Asteroid May Hit Within 2 Years 2006-06-22

Posted by clype in Discovery, Science, Statistics.

A big newly discovered asteroid could collide with Earth in just over two years.

The 800 metre diamater asteroid would cause widespread devastation if it did hit the planet. ‘New Scientist’ magazine says (more…)

Ozone layer ‘recovering’ 2006-06-22

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The ozone layer is showing signs of recovering — thanks to the ban on 'CFCs'. It is nearly 20 years since harmful chlorine gases — then common in 'fridges and aerosols — were outlawed.

Ozone levels are now stable and may have even risen slightly over the past decade, scientists revealed. (more…)

Coffee Good For The Liver 2006-06-22

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Drinking coffee could help protect drinkers from liver disease caused by alcohol, according to a new study.

People who drink one cup of coffee are 20 per cent less likely to have alcoholic cirrhosis, (more…)