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Dali’s “Christ of St.John of The Cross: Nuclear Mysticism” Returns Home 2006-06-03

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The Late Salvadore Dali’s masterpiece, ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross: Nuclear Mysticism’, was returned to its original Scottish home on 2006-06-02.

The painting was unveiled at Glasgow’s ‘Kelvingrove’ Gallery as the museum approached the finishing stages of a 27 million GBP overhaul.

An iconic image and one of the best-known works of art in Scotland, it was first hung at the ‘Kelvingrove’ Gallery more than 50 years ago.

The picture, famous for the way the Spanish painter depicts the Christ figure on the cross from above, was bought for just 8 200 GBP in 1952 but is now thought to be worth tens of millions.

Dali painted his crucifixion scene set above the rocky harbour of his home village of Port Lligat in Spain.

‘Christ of St John of the Cross: Nuclear Mysticism’ has been shown at ‘The St.Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art‘ since 1993, but returned to ‘Kelvingrove’ ahead of the gallery’s re-opening on 2006-07-11.

Nuclear Mysticism -- S.Dal�

Glasgow City’s Lord Provost, Ms.Liz Cameron, unveiled the painting.

‘It is fantastic to see “the Dali”, our greatest painting, hanging in its spiritual home at “Kelvingrove”,’ she said.



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