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Free Breakfast Trial for Pupils 2006-06-03

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Health.

Teenagers are to benefit from free breakfasts at a Glasgow secondary school.

The pilot scheme at ‘Drumchapel High’ will see pupils getting fruit, cereal and yoghurt to start their day.

Education chiefs believe that the initiative will improve the health and concentration of the 700 pupils aged between 12 and 18. The six-month pilot will begin after the summer and will see pupils fed before lessons, from 08:15 till 08:45.

The Headteacher Mr.Wilson Blakey said:

‘I’m sure the introduction of the free breakfast pilot will have a big impact.

Research has proven having a good breakfast sets youngsters up for the rest of the day and is good for concentration.’

The school is the only one of Glasgow’s 29 secondary schools to give out free breakfasts, which are funded by ‘The Drumchapel and West Area Committee’.

A spokesman for ‘The Scottish Executive’ said:

‘This sounds like a good idea; we want kids to have access to healthy foods to give them energy through the day.’

Free breakfasts will give pupils food for thought‘ , The Scotsman, 2006-06-03
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