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Big Brother UK Housemates 2006-06-09

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The only complete LIST of housemates/ contestants (with pictures) and celebrity housemates in order as they left the Big Brother House:

[BB logo]

2010 Big Brother 11 UK:

[Josie winner from BB11] 187/BB11-21: Josie Gibson, 25, Sales Rep, Bristol (Post Edit 2010-08-24);

[Picture of dave from BB11] 186/BB11-20: Dave Vaughan, 39, Protestant Minister, Pontypool (Post Edit 2010-08-24);

[Picture of Mario Mugan from BB11] 185/BB11-19: Mario Mugan, 28, unemployed, Essex (Post Edit 2010-08-24);

[Picture of JJ from BB11] 184/BB11-18: Joe-John Daniel(JJ) Bird, 23, Boxer, London (Post Edit 2010-08-24);

[Picture of Andrew from BB2010] 183/BB11-17: Andrew Edmonds, 19, maths student, Dorset (Post Edit 2010-08-24);

[Picture of John James Parton from BB11] 182/BB11-16: John James Parton, 24, unemployed, Melbourne, Australia (Post Edit 2010-08-20);

[Picture of Sam Pepper Big Brother 2010] 181/BB11-15: Samuel (Sam) Nicholas Pepper, 21, unemployed, Kent (Post Edit 2010-08-20);

[picture of Corin from Big Brother 2010] 180/BB11-14: Corin Forshaw, 29, Shop girl, Stockport (Post Edit 2010-08-20);

[Picture fo Steve Gill from Big Brother 11] 179/BB11-13: Steven (Steve) Gill, 40, yachtsman, Leicester (Post Edit 2010-08-20);

[Picture of Jo from Big Brother UK 2010] 178/BB11-12: Jo Butler, 41, Make-up artist, Luton (Post Edit 2010-08-13);

[Picture of Rachel Ifon from BB11] 177/BB11-11: Rachel Ifon, 29, Ryanair flight attendant, Liverpool (Post Edit 2010-08-06);

[Picture of Ben from Big Brother 2010] 176/BB11-10: Benjamin (Ben) Duncan, 30, writer, London (Post Edit 2010-07-31);

[Picture of Laura from big Brother 2010] 175/BB11-09: Laura Carolyn McAdam, 20, shop girl, Stratford-Upon-Avon (Post Edit 2010-07-31);

[Picture of Keeley Johnson] 174/BB11-08:  Keeley Johnson, 30, Travel Agent, Manchester (Post Edit 2010-07-23);

Caoimhe from BB11 173/BB11-07:  Caoimhe Gilfoyl, 22, unemployed, Dublin (Post Edit 2010-07-20); 

[Picture of Ife from BB11] 172/BB11-06: Ife Kuku, 25, Dancer, Milton Keynes (Post Edit 2010-07-17);

[Picture of BB11's Nathan] 171/BB11-05: Nathan Dunn, 25, apprentice Joiner, Bingley (Post Edit 2010-07-09);

[Picture of Big Brother's Shabby) 170/BB11-04: Keeley Jade Flanders (aka Shabby Eliot-Katchadourian), 24, film-maker, London (Post Edit 2010-07-06);

[Picture of Yvette martin (Sunshine) from BB11 169/BB11-03: Yvette (Sunshine) Martin, 24, student, Peterborough (Post Edit 2010-07-06);

[Picture of Govan from BB] 168/BB11-02: Govan Athiss Zachariah Hinds, 21, Volunteer, Leicester. (Post Edit 2010-06-25);

[Picture of Rachael White BB11) 167/BB11-01: Rachael White, 23, Hairdresser, Nottingham.

[2010 logo]2010 Celebrity Big Brother 7 UK:

Housemates: Winner: Mr.Alex Reid, runner-up: Mr. Dane Bowers. Others: Mr. Vinnie Jones, Ms. Stephanie Beacham, Mr. Jonas Altberg,  Ms. Nicola Tappenden, Ms. Ivana Trump, Mr. Mark Althavean Andrew (Sisqó), Mr. Stephen Baldwin, Ms. Louise Amanda Harman (Lady Sovereign), Ms. Heidi Fleiss, Ms. Katia Ivanova, (Post edit: 2010-01-29).

[Picture of bb eye logo 2009]

2009 Big Brother 10 UK:

[Picture of Sophie Reade, winner] 166/BB10-22: Sophie Reade, 20, Glamour Model, Cheshire (Post edit: 2009-09-04);

[Picture of Iranian, Siavash Sabbaghpour, Runner up] 165/BB10-21: Siavash Sabbaghpour, 23, event organiser, London (Post edit: 2009-09-04);

[Picture of David Ramsden] 164/BB10-20: David Ramsden, 28, clothing recycler, Dewsbury (Post edit: 2009-09-04);

[Picture of Charlie Drummond] 163/BB10-19: Charlie Drummond, 22, Jobcentre Customer Service Advisor, Newcastle (Post edit: 2009-09-04);

[Picture of Rodrigo Lopez] 162/BB10-18: Rodrigo Lopes, 26, Student, Manchester (Post edit: 2009-09-04);

[Picture of Lisa Wallace] 161/BB10-17: Lisa Wallace, 41, unemployed, Birmingham (Post edit: 2009-09-01);

[Picture of Marcus Akin] 160/BB10-16: Marcus Akin, 35,window fitter, Brentford (Post edit: 2009-08-29);

[Picture of Bea Hamill] 159/BB10-15: Rebecca ‘Bea‘ Hamill, 24, recruitment consultant, Bristol (Post edit: 2009-08-22);

[Picture of Halfwit]r158/BB10-14: Freddie George-Fisher (Halfwit),23, entrepreneur, Market Drayton (Post edit: 2009-08-14);

[Picture of Hira Habibshah] 157/BB10-13: Hira Habibshah, 24, unemployed, Dublin (Post edit: 2009-08-08);

[picture of Isaac Stout] 156/BB10-12: Isaac Stout, 23, bar owner, Ohio, USA (Post edit: 2009-08-01);

Noirin (Noreen) Kelly 155/BB10-11: Noirin Kelly,25, Shop Manager, Dublin (Post edit: 2009-07-31);

[Picture of Tom Oliver]154/BB10-10: Tom Oliver,27, self employed yacht importer, London (Post edit: 2009-07-27);

[Picture of Kenneth Thong]153/BB10-09: Kenneth Thong,24, financier, Hong Kong (Post edit: 2009-07-23);

[Picture of Karly Ashworth]152/BB10-08: Karly Ashworth, 21, unemployed, Fife (Post edit: 2009-07-17);

[Picture of Kris Donnely]151/BB10-07: Kris Donnelly, 24, Visual Merchandiser, Shrewsbury (Post edit: 2009-07-12);

[Picture of Sree Desari]150/BB10-06: Sree Desari, 25, Student, India (Post edit: 2009-07-04);

[picture of Angel Mckenzie]149/BB10-05: Angel Mckenzie, 35, Boxer, London (Post edit: 2009-06-27);

[Picture of Cairon Austin-Hill] 148/BB10-04: Cairon Austin-Hill, 18, student, London (Post edit: 2009-06-20);

[Picture of sophia brown]147/BB10-03: Sophia Brown, 26, private banking assistant, London (Post edit: 2009-06-13);

[Picture of saffia corden]146/BB10-02: Saffia Corden, 27, beauty consultant, Nottingham (Post edit: 2009-06-13);

[Picture of beinazir lasharie]145/BB10-01: Beinazir Lasharie, 28, study support assistant, South London (Post edit: 2009-06-13).

2009 Celebrity Big Brother 6 UK:

Housemates: Winner: Ms.Ulrika Johsson;  Runner-up:  Mr.Terry Christian. Others: Mr.Artis Leon Ivey, Jr.(“Coolio”), Mr.Verne Troyer, Mr.Ben Adams, Mr.Tommy Sheridan, Ms.La Toya Jackson, Ms.Michelle Heaton, Ms.Mutya Buena, Ms.Tina Malone, Ms.Lucy Pinder. (Post edit: 2009-01-23).

Big Brother UK Logo 20082008 Big Brother 9 UK:

[Picture of Rachel Rice]144/BB09-21: Rachel Rice, 24, Trainee Teacher, Torfaen, (Post edit: 2008-09-05);

[Picture of Mikey Hughes]143/BB09-20: Michael ‘Mikey‘ Hughes, 33, Radio producer, Ayrshire, (Post edit: 2008-09-05);

[Picture of sara Folino]142/BB09-19: Sara Folino, 27, PA, London, (Post edit: 2008-09-05);

[Picture of Rex Newmark]141/BB09-18: Rex Newmark, 24, Chef, Hampstead, (Post edit: 2008-09-05);

[Picture of Darnell Swallow]140/BB09-17: Darnell Swallow, 26, Songwriter, London, (Post edit: 2008-09-05);

[Picture of Kat Kasisopa]139/BB09-16: Kathreya Kasisopa, 30, Masseuse, Kent (Post edit: 2008-09-02);

[Picture of Mo Mohammed]138/BB09-15: Mohamed Mohamed, 23, Toy Demonstrator, London (Post edit: 2008-09-02);

[Picture of Lisa Appleton]137/BB09-14: Lisa Appleton, 40, Tanning Sales Rep, Cheshire; (Post edit: 2008-08-29)

[Picture of Nicole Cammack]136/BB09-13: Nicole Cammack, 19, Student, Surrey; (Post edit: 2008-08-22)

[Picture of Stuart Pilkington]135/BB09-12: Stuart Pilkington, 25, property developer, Cheshire; (Post edit: 2008-08-16)

[Picture of Dakle Howard]134/BB09-11: Dale Howard, 21, Student teacher, Liverpool; (Post edit: 2008-08-09)

[Picture of Luke Marsden]133/BB09-10: Luke Marsden, 21, Student, Wigan; (Post edit: 2008-08-01).

[Picture of Maysoon Shaladi]132/BB09-09: Maysoon Shaladi, 28, Hertfordshire, clothes model;(Post edit: 2008-07-30).
[Picture of Rebecca Bex Shiner]131/BB09-08: Rebecca “Bex” Shiner, 21, Coventry, nursery nurse;(Post edit: 2008-07-25).

[Picture of Belinda Harris-Reid]130/BB09-07: Belinda Harris-Reid, 44, Devon, Theatre Director;(Post edit: 2008-07-18).
[Picture of Mario Marconi]129/BB09-06: Shaun Astbury A.K.A. “Mario Marconi”, 42, Warrington, Civil servant;(Post edit: 2008-07-11).

[Picture of Jennifer Clark]128/BB09-05: Jennifer Clark, 22, Chester-le-Street, Model;(Post edit: 2008-07-04).

[Picture of Sylvia Barrie]127/BB09-04: Sylvia Barrie, 21, Sierra Leone, Student; (Post edit: 2008-06-27).

[Picture of Dennis McHugh]126/BB09-03: Dennis McHugh, 23, Edinburgh, Dance Instructor (Post edit: 2008-06-27).

[Picture of Alex De Gale]125/BB09-02: Alexandra De-Gale, 23, Croydon, London, Accounts Executive (Post edit: 2008-06-18).

[Picture of Steph McMichael]124/BB09-01: Stephanie McMichael, 19, Liverpool, Student (Post edit: 2008-06-13).

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (UK)

A new spin-off show using the Big Brother 2007 House.
[Winner John Loughton] Housemates: Winner: John Loughton; Runner-up: Emilia Arata. Others: Amy Jackson, Anthony Ogogo, Jeremy Metcalfe, Nathan Fagan-Gayle, Calista Robertson, Jay Wilson, Latoya Satnarine, Victor Arata, Liam Young, and Jade Eden.
Celebrity Big Brother Hijackers: Matt Lucas, Ian Wright, Alan Cumming, Kelly Osbourne, Russell Brand, Joan Rivers, Jimmy Carr, Malcolm McLaren, Keith Lemon, Brian Sewell, Chris Moyles, Jake Chapman, Dinos Chapman, Paula Abdul, Claire Cooper, Jennifer Metcalfe, Gemma Merna, Leah Hackett. (Post edit: 2008-01-07)

[Picture of BB8 Logo]2007 Big Brother 8 UK:

[Picture of Brian Belo]123/BB08-23: Olawale Mohammed “Brian” Belo, 20, London, Data clerk (Post edit: 2007-08-31).
[Picture of Amanda Marchant]122/BB08-22: Amanda Louise Marchant, 18, Newcastle-under-Lyme, social-care student (Post edit: 2007-08-31).
[Picture of Sam Marchant]121/BB08-21: Samantha “Sam” Joanne Marchant, 18, Newcastle-under-Lyme, social-care student (Post edit: 2007-08-31).

[Picture of Liam Mcgough]120/BB08-20: Liam Andrew Mcgough, 24, Durham, Tree Surgeon (Post edit: 2007-08-31).
[Picture of Ziggy]119/BB08-19: Zac “Ziggy” Lichman, 26, London, Model (Post edit: 2007-08-31).
[Picture of Carole Vincent]118/BB08-18: Carole Vincent, 53, London, Unemployed (Post edit: 2007-08-31).
[Picture of Jonty Stern]117/BB08-17: Jonty Stern, 36, London, Museum Curator(Post edit: 2007-08-31).

[Picture of Kara-Louise]116/BB08-16: Kara-Louise Horne, 22, London, Student (Post edit: 2007-08-25).

[Picture fo Tracey]115/BB08-15: Tracey Ann Barnard, 37, Cambridgeshire, Cleaner (Post edit: 2007-08-25).

[Picture of Gerry]114/BB08-14: Gerasimos Vallerios “Gerry” Stergiopoulos, 31, Patras, Greece, Fine Art Curator (Post edit: 2007-08-17)

[Picture of Amy Alexandra]113/BB08-13: Amy Alexandra, 21, Lincolnshire, Glamour model (Post edit: 2007-08-11).

[Picture of shanessa reilly]112/BB08-12: Shanessa Reilly, 26, Cardiff, Stripper (Post edit: 2007-08-04).

[Picture of david parnaby]111/BB08-11: David Parnaby, 25, Ayr, Visual Manager (Post edit: 2007-08-04).

[Picture of Chanelle Hayes] 110/BB08-10: Chanelle Hayes, 20, Yorkshire, Spanish Language student (Post edit: 2007-08-01).

uchea_charley.jpg 109/BB08-09: Charley Kazim Uchea, 22, London, Unemployed (Post edit: 2007-07-29)

[Picture of Nicky Maxwell]108/BB08-08: Nicky Maxwell, 28, London, Bank teller (Post edit: 2007-07-21).

[Picture of Laura Williams] 107/BB08-07: Laura Williams, 23, Rhondda, Nanny (Post edit: 2007-07-07),

[Picture of Jonathan Durden] 106/BB08-06: Jonathan Durden, 49, London, retired (Post edit: 2007-07-05).

[Picture of Billi]105/BB08-05: Nabeel ‘Billi‘ or “Massimo” Bhatti, 25, London, Model (Post edit: 2007-07-02).

[Picture of Sean O’Kane] 104/BB08-04: Seán Seány O’Kane, 25, Charity Worker (Post edit: 2007-06-22).

[Picture of Shabnam] 103/BB08-03: Shabnam Paryani, 23, London, Receptionist (Post edit: 2007-06-15).

[Picture of Lesley Brain] 102/BB08-02: Lesley Brain, 60, Gloucestershire, retired (Post edit: 2007-06-09).

[Picture of Emily Parr]101/BB08-01: Emily Parr, 19, Bristol, Drama Student (Post edit: 2007-06-08).

2007 Celebrity Big Brother 5 UK:

Winner: Shilpa Shetty, Runner-up: Muhammad Abdul Aziz (used to be called Jermaine Jackson), Others: Dirk Benedict, Ian Watkins (used to be called ‘H’), Jack Tweed, Danielle Lloyd, Jo O’Meara, Cleo Rocos, Jade Goody, Carole Malone, Leo Sayer, Jackiey Budden, John & Sylvia Budden (Guests), Ken Russell, Donny Tourette (Post edit: 2007-01-29).

After the racism and bullying rows, Channel Four cancelled the show, making this the final Celebrity Big Brother. Celebrity Big Brother has been replaced with a new spin-off show, ‘Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (UK)’ (post edit 2007-10-10)

bigbro7_2006.gif 2006 Big Brother 7 UK:

[Picture of Pete Bennett] 100/BB07-22: Pete Bennett 24, Brighton, Rock Singer (Post edit: 2006-08-18).

glyn_wise.jpg 099/BB07-21: Glyn Wise 18, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Schoolboy (Post edit: 2006-08-18).

aisleyne_horgan-wallace.jpg 098/BB07-20: Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace 27, London, Model (Post edit: 2006-08-18).

richard_newman.jpg 097/BB07-19: Richard Newman 33, London, Waiter (Post edit: 2006-08-18).

Jennie Connor 096/BB07-18: Jennie Corner 18, Liverpool, Student (Post edit: 2006-08-18).

imogen_thomas.jpg 095/BB07-17: Imogen Thomas, 23, Llanelli, Bar Hostess (Post edit: 2006-08-11).

susi_verrico.jpg 094/BB07-16: Susie Verrico, 43, Kent, Model (Post edit: 2006-08-04).

mikey_dalton.jpg 093/BB07-15: Mikey Dalton (Sahin Michael Hamadani), 22, Liverpool, Software Developer (Post edit: 2006-08-04).

Michael Cheshire 092/BB07-14: Michael Cheshire, 23, Oldham, Theology Student (Post edit: 2006-07-28).

Spiral 091/BB07-13: Glen ‘Spiral’ Coroner, 22, Dublin, Rapper (Post edit: 2006-07-28).
[Picture of Jayne Kitt] 090/BB07-12: Jayne Kitt, 36, Slough, Recruitment Advisor. (Post edit: 2006-07-21).

[Picture of nikki graham] 089/BB07-11: Nikki Grahame, 24, Middlesex, fashion model and dancer (Post edit: 2006-07-15).
[Picture of lea walker] 088/BB07-10: Lea Walker, 35, Nottingham, internet porn actress (Post edit: 2006-07-07).
[Picture of Jonathon Leonard] 087/BB07-09: Jonathan Leonard, 24, Cumbria, Security Bouncer * pedantic fact: ‘the house next door’ not the Big Brother House per se (Post edit: 2006-07-05).

[Picture of lisa huo]086/BB07-08: Lisa Huo, 27, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Upholsterer (Post edit: 2006-06-23).

[Picture of grace adams-short] 085/BB07-07: Grace Adams-Short, 21, Plymouth, children’s dance instructor. (Post edit: 2006-06-16)
[Picture of sam brodie] 084/BB07-06: Sam Brodie, 19, Irvine North Ayrshire, unemployed nail technician.
[Picture of sezer] 083/BB07-05: Sezer Yurtseven, 26, London, ex-boxer, stockbroker, property-developer.

george.jpg 082/BB07-04: George Askew, 19, London, Student.
bonnie.jpg 081/BB07-03: Bonnie Holt, 19, Loughborough, Care Worker.

dawn.jpg 080/BB07-02: Dawn Blake, 38, Birmingham, Exercise Scientist.

shabaz.jpg 079/BB07-01: Shabaz Chauhdry, 37, Glasgow, unemployed.

2006 Celebrity Big Brother 4 UK:

Winner: Chantelle Houghton, Runner-up: Michael Barrymore, others: Maggot, Samuel Preston, Pete Burns, Traci Bingham, Dennis Rodman, George Galloway, Rula Lenska, Faria Alam, Jodie Marsh, Jimmy Savile (Guest)

bigbro6_2005.jpg 2005 Big Brother 6 UK:

anthony_hp.jpg 078/BB06-16: Anthony Hutton,23, Consett, 70s dancer, Pisces.

eugene_hp.jpg 077/BB06-15: Eugene Sully, 27, Crawley, Engineer, Sagittarius.

makosi_hp.jpg 076/BB06-14: Makosi Musambasi, 24, High Wycombe, Cardiac Nurse, Libra.

kinga_hp.jpg 075/BB06-13: Kinga Karolczak, 20, London, Market Research, Aries.

craig_hp.jpg 074 /BB06-12: Craig Coates, 20, Norfolk, Hairdresser, Libra.

[Picture of Derek Laud] 073/BB06-11: Derek Laud, 40, London, Speechwriter, Leo.

[Picture of Kemal Shahin] 072/BB06-10: Kemal Shahin, 19, London, Student, Scorpio.

[Picture of Orlaith Mcallister] 071/BB06-09: Orlaith McAllister, 26, Belfast, Model, Taurus.

[Picture of Keiron Harvey] 070/BB06-08: Kieron ‘Science’ Harvey, 22, Leeds, Entrepreneur, Leo.

[Picture of Vanessa Mcintosh] 069/BB06-07: Vanessa Layton-McIntosh, 19, London, Student, Leo.

[Picture of Maxwell Ward] 068/BB06-06: Maxwell Ward, 24, London, Engineer, Aquarius.

[Picture of saskia howard-clarke] 067/BB06-05: Saskia Howard-Clarke, 23, London, Promotions Girl, Aries.

[Picture of roberto conte] 066/BB06-04: Roberto Conte, 32, Liverpool, Teacher, Gemini.

[Picture of sam heuston] 065/BB06-03: Sam Heuston, 23, Surrey, Marketing Student, Aquarius.

[Picture of lesley sanderson] 064/BB06-02: Lesley Sanderson, 19, Huddersfield, Sales, Sagittarius.

[Picture of mary o'leary] 063/BB06-01: Mary O’Leary, 31, London, Psychic, Gemini.

2004 Big Brother 5 UK:

[Picture of nadia almada] 062/BB05-13: Nadia Almada, DOB: 28th January 1977, Aquarius, Woking

[Picture of jason cowan] 061/BB05-12: Jason Cowan, DOB: 1st November 1973, Scorpio, Glasgow

[Picture 060/BB05-11: Daniel Bryan, DOB: 3rd January 1974, Capricorn, Hull

[Picture of shell jubin] 059/BB05-10: Shell Jubin, DOB: 8th March 1982, Pisces, Glasgow

[Picture of stuart wilson] 058/BB05-09: Stuart Wilson, DOB: 29th April 1984, Taurus, Macclesfield

[Picture of michelle bass] 057/BB05-08: Michelle Bass, DOB: 2nd February 1981, Aquarius, Newcastle

[Picture of victor ebuwa] 056/BB05-07: Victor Ebuwa, DOB: 17th January 1981, Capricorn, London

[Picture of ahmed aghil] 055/BB05-06: Ahmed Aghil, DOB: 12th March 1960, Pisces, Liverpool

[Picture of becki seddiki] 054/BB05-05: Becki Seddiki, DOB: 24th July 1970, Leo, London

[Picture of marco sabba] 053/BB05-04: Marco Sabba, DOB: 20th April 1983, Taurus, Middlesex

[Picture of vanessa nimmo] 052/BB05-03: Vanessa Nimmo, DOB: 12 August 1977, Leo, Leeds

[Picture of emma greenwood] 051/BB05-02: Emma Greenwood, DOB: 12th October 1983, Libra, Oldham

[Picture of kitten pinder] 050/BB05-01: Kitten Pinder, DOB: 13th October 1979, Libra, Brighton.

bigbro4_2003.jpg 2003 Big Brother 4 UK:

cameron_stout.jpg 049/BB04-13: Cameron Stout, 32, Manager in fishing industry, Orkneys

[Picture of ray shah] 048/BB04-12: Ray Shah, 25, IT Systems Administrator, Dublin

[Picture of scott turner] 047/BB04-11: Scott Turner, 27, Marketing manager, Liverpool

[Picture of steph coldicott] 046/BB04-10: Stephanie Coldicott, 27, Visual Merchandiser, Birmingham

[Picture of nush nowak] 045/BB04-09: Annuszka ‘Nush’ Nowak, 23, Sales Assistant, Malvern

[Picture of lisa jeynes] 044/BB04-08: Lisa Jeynes, 35, Shop Manager, South Wales

[Picture of herjender gosal] 043/BB04-07: Herjender ‘Gos’ Gosal, 31, Chef, London

[Picture of tania do nascimento] 042/BB04-06: Tania Do-Nascimento, 22, Shop assistant, London

[Picture of jon tickle] 041/BB04-05: Jon Tickle, 29, Data strategy manager, Staines

[Picture of federico martone] 040/BB04-04: Federico Martone, 23, Waiter in family restaurant, Glasgow

[Picture of joanne rooney sissy] 039/BB04-03: Joanne ‘Sissy’ Rooney, 26, Fashion designer, Libra

[Picture of justine sellman] 038/BB04-02: Justine Sellman, 27, Sales manager, Leeds

[Picture of anouska golebiewski] 037/BB04-01: Anouska Golebiewski, 20, Day nursery assistant, Manchester.

2005 Celebrity Big Brother 3 UK:

Winner: Mark ‘Bez’ Berry, Runner-up: Kenzie, others: Brigitte Nielsen, Jeremy Edwards, Caprice Bourret, Lisa I’Anson, John McCririck, Jackie Stallone, Germaine Greer

2002 Big Brother 3 UK:

[Picture of kate lawler] 036/BB03-14: Kate Lawler, 22, IT Helpdesk administrator, Kent

[Picture of jonny regan] 035/BB03-13: Jonny Regan, 29, Fireman, Newcastle

[Picture of alex sibley] 034/BB03-12: Alex Sibley, 23, Model, London

[Picture of jade goody] 033/BB03-11: Jade Goody, 20, Dental Nurse, London

[Picture of tim culley] 032/BB03-10: Tim Culley, 23, Student (just graduated), Worcester

[Picture of PJ ellis] 031/BB03-09: Peter ‘PJ’ Ellis, 22, Law student, Birmingham

[Picture of adele roberts] 030/BB03-08: Adele Roberts, 23, DJ/PA, Southport

[Picture of sophie pritchard] 029/BB03-07: Sophie Pritchard, 24, Recruitment Consultant, Buckinghamshire

[Picture of spencer smith] 028/BB03-06: Spencer Smith, 22, Shop Assistant, Cambridge

[Picture of lee davey] 027/BB03-05: Lee Davey, 21, Gym manager, Leicester

[Picture of sandy cumming] 026/BB03-04: Sandy Cumming, 43, Personal shopper, Fife

[Picture of alison hammond] 025/BB03-03: Alison Hammond, 27, Travel rep, Birmingham

[Picture of lynne moncrieff] 024/BB03-02: Lynne Moncrieff, 36, Student, Aberdeen

[Picture of sunita sharma] 023/BB03-01: Sunita Sharma, 25, Trainee barrister, London.

2002 Celebrity Big Brother 2 UK:

Winner: Mark Owen, Runner-up: Les Dennis, others: Melinda Messenger, Sue Perkins, Anne Diamond, Goldie.

bigbro2_2001.jpg 2001 Big Brother 2 UK:

[Picture of brian dowling] 022/BB02-11: Brian Dowling, 22, Cabin crew supervisor, County Kildare

[Picture of helen adams] 021/BB02-10: Helen Adams, 22, Hairdresser, Cwmbran, South Wales

[Picture of dean o'loughlin] 020/BB02-09: Dean O’Loughlin, 37, Runs own internet company, West Midlands

[Picture of elizabeth woodcock] 019/BB02-08: Elizabeth Woodcock, 26 Occupation: Website designer, Cumbria

[Picture of paul clarke] 018/BB02-07: Paul Clarke, 25, CAD designer, Reading

[Picture of josh rafter] 017/BB02-06: Josh Rafter, 32, Property manager, London

[Picture of amma antwi]g 016/BB02-05: Amma Antwi, 23, Table dancer, London

[Picture of Paul bubble Ferguson] 015/BB02-04: Paul ‘Bubble’ Ferguson, 24, Currently warehouse operative, Surrey

[Picture of narinder kaur] 014/BB02-03: Narinder Kaur, 28, Medical rep, Leicester

[Picture of stuart hosking] 013/BB02-02: Stuart Hosking, 36, Director of communications company, Oxfordshire

[Picture of penny ellis] 012/BB02-01: Penny Ellis, 33, English teacher, London.

2001 Celebrity Big Brother 1 UK:

Winner: Jack Dee, Runner-up: Claire Sweeney, others: Keith Duffy, Anthea Turner, Vanessa Feltz, Chris Eubank.

2000 Big Brother 1 UK:

[Picture of craig phillips] 011/BB01-11: Craig Phillips, 28, Runs a building company, Liverpool

[Picture of anna nolan] 010/BB01-10: Anna Nolan, 29 on entering house, office manager, Dublin

[Picture of darren ramsay] 009/BB01-09: Darren Ramsay, 23, Many jobs, including working at the Millennium Dome, London

[Picture of mel hill] 008/BB01-08: Melanie ‘Mel’ Hill, 26, Computer sales, London

[Picture of claire strutton] 007/BB01-07: Claire Strutton, 25, Florist, Gerrards Cross, Bucks

[Picture of tom mcdermott] 006/BB01-06: Thomas McDermott, 31, Farmer & computer engineer, Omagh

[Picture of nichola holt] 005/BB01-05: Nichola Holt, 29, Art teacher, Bolton

[Picture of nasty nick bateman] 004/BB01-04: Nicholas ‘Nasty Nick’ Bateman, 32, City broker, Hampshire

[Picture of caroline o'shea] 003/BB01-03: Caroline O’Shea, 37, Many jobs, including selling marital aids!, Birmingham

[Picture of andrew davidson] 002/BB01-02: Andrew Davidson, 23, Marketing product manager, Hemel Hempstead

[Picture of Sada Walkington] 001/BB01-01: Alison ‘Sada’ Walkington, 28, Many jobs, including writing first book ‘The Babes Bible‘, Edinburgh/Wakefield.

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excited to looked over far more of your stories, have a good day ;)

6. Tamela Vandorien - 2010-10-23

Long time reader / 1st time poster. Really enjoy reading the blog, keep up the good work. Will most definitely start posting more oftenin the near future.

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