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Lemonade Dissolves Kidney Stones 2006-06-20

Posted by clype in Health.

Drink up! Lemonade, the quintessential summer beverage, may prevent painful kidney stones, according to two new studies from ‘The University of Wisconsin’ ‘School of Medicine & Public Health’ and ‘Duke University’.

The only catch is that you have to drink it regularly.

  • If you don’t want the extra calories from all that sugar, just mix lemon juice with water.

It appears to work by increasing the production of urinary citrate, a chemical in the urine that prevents the formation of crystals that may build up into kidney stones, reports HealthDay News. For most of us, a chemical in our urine naturally prevents the crystals from building up, but for those who are prone to kidney stones that chemical does not work and crystallized deposits form. When the body tries to expel those deposits through the narrow tubes of the urinary tract, it causes extraordinary pain and burning.

Study No. 1: In the first study led by Ms.Kristina Penniston of ‘The University of Wisconsin’, 100 patients suffering with calcium oxalate kidney stones, the most common type of kidney stones, were prescribed lemonade therapy, something the hospital has actually been recommending for about 10 years.

In this study, two-thirds of the patients drank 120 ml of pure lemon juice that they poured into 2.5 lit of other beverages throughout the day or 1 lit of low-sugar or ‘low-calorie’ prepared lemonade.

The other patients were treated with a combination of lemonade therapy and potassium citrate, a medication that maintains the antacid level in urine. The average treatment time was 40 months.

‘In both groups, urinary citrate increased and so did urine volume. But the increase in volume was only significant in groups with lemonade therapy,’ Ms.Penniston said.

Study No. 2: The second study conducted at ‘Duke University’ involved 12 patients who had mild-to-moderate ‘hypocitrauria’ in which they produced low levels of urinary citrate.

They were told to consume 120 ml of lemon juice mixed with 2 lit of water throughout the day. The researchers compared those drinking the lemon juice to those taking the traditional ‘potassium citrate’, and the results showed that 11 of the 12 on lemonade therapy had increased urinary citrate levels.

The kidney stones also decreased in size and number during the course of the treatment, which lasted 41 months.

The researchers from the universities of Wisconsin and Duke emphasised that more research is necessary. Both studies were presented to ‘The American Urological Association’ annual meeting in Atlanta, USA.



1. Mario A Pradere - 2006-07-27

Is great and I’m going to send to all my family and friends. Mario A. Pradere

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4. Fred - 2009-08-02

My Granny, who was born n the 1890’s, had kidney stones as a young woman and again in her 90’s. As a girl at the turn of the century, the doctors told her to drink unsweetened lemon juice morning and evening until the stones passed as the citric acid helped dissolve the stones. This worked for her both times.

5. Ann - 2012-07-26

5 years ago I was diagnosed with a small kidney stone. I immediately got off the soda and my normal drink became lemonade. I have no way of knowing if it disappeared, since that’s not considered necessary by my insurance, but , should it have passed by now if it didn’t resolve?

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