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Drop in Planning 2006-07-07

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District planning authorities in ‘England & Wales’ received 167 000 applications for planning permission and other related consents in the first quarter of 2006 — a fall of 2 per cent compared with the same period last year 2005.

  • This reflects a change from the long-term trend of growth in the numbers of planning applications said the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Outside London and the South East, the number of planning applications decreased compared with the same quarter a year ago. The largest decreases were in the North West and the West Midlands (both 8 per cent). Planning applications in London and the South East were respectively 2 and 1 per cent higher than the same period in 2005

District planning authorities made 134 000 planning decisions in the first quarter of 2006; 5 per cent lower than a year earlier.

All regions saw a decrease in the number of decisions. The largest decreases were in the North East and the North West (both 8 per cent); the smallest decreases were in London (1 per cent), Yorkshire and the Humber (2 per cent) and the East of England (3 per cent)

The percentage of applications granted remained unchanged from the same period in 2005 at 82 per cent.

Householder decisions decreased by 7 per cent from 69 500 to 64 800 and account for 48 per cent of all decisions.

Decisions on new dwelling applications, both major and minor sites, reduced from 19 800 to 18 900 and account for 14 per cent of the total.



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