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TV losing to Web 2006-07-07

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The BBC’s share of the national television audience slipped last year with teenagers switching off in ‘disproportionately large numbers’, the corporation said in its annual report for 2005/2006 on Friday 2006-07-07.

The percentage of people watching at least 15 minutes of BBC television programming a week — the BBC’s measure of audience ‘reach’ — fell last year to 85.3 per cent, down from 86.6 per cent.

Radio audiences remained stable, with weekly reach down just 0.1 per cent at 66.5 per cent.

But BBC Director General Mr.Mark Thompson said he was sure the corporation’s overall audience would prove to have grown if the numbers logging on to the corporation’s website were included in its official reach data.

The number of British users accessing bbc.co.uk surged to a weekly average reach of 12.3 million compared to 8.7 million the previous year.

Including international access the website’s reach grew to 24.3 million users a week from 17.3 million previously.

The BBC received 3 100 million GBP of income from 25 million licence payers last year and as a consequence audience share is a key measure for measuring its success.

Last month The Director General appointed Radio One Controller Mr.Andy Parfitt to look at ways of boosting the BBC’s offering for teenagers.

The decline in television audience coincided with above inflation rises for many of the corporation’s senior executives as part of a two-year programme to bring their salaries up to market levels.

The Director General’s salary jumped by more than 10 per cent to 619 000 GBP, angering staff unions who saw 1 100 jobs go last year in an efficiency drive with a further 2 000 due to be lost over the next 12 months.

Unions said they would be meeting on Monday to consider industrial action over proposed changes to the BBC pension scheme and a sub-inflation pay offer of 2.6 per cent.

Staff face further changes under a major revamp of the corporation under its ‘Creative Future’ plan which The Director General said he hoped to unveil on 2006-07-19.

The re-organisation is designed to make it easier for the BBC to provide its programming and content on demand across television, radio, internet and other digital platforms. The Director General said:

Mark Thompson Director General
‘What we are looking at is new ways of enabling licence payers conveniently to access the programming we make,’

‘So you can potentially download a copy of “Dr Who” on your PC … rather than having to watch it on “BBC One”.

‘Our intention is to try and find as many ways we can of delivering the content we make to the public to maximise the value they get out of it.’



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