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Nude Models Wanted for Pub Shoot 2006-07-13

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities.
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A photographer wants 30 volunteers to strip off in a bar in the name of art.

Mr.Alistair Devine is looking for nudes of every shape and size for a project ‘celebrating the eclectic, bohemian and artistic spirit of Glasgow’s west end’.

[Picture of Spencer Tunick]The project emulates the work of Spencer Tunick, who has photographed hundreds of naked people in cities around the world.

Mr.Devine’s photoshoot will take place behind the closed doors of a bar on Byres Road on Sunday 2006-07-23.

Mr.Devine has been an award-winning press photographer for more than 30 years.

He has photographed celebrities including Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Sting and Elton John.

[Picture of Alistair Devine]
‘This is an amazing project to be part of and is a fantastic shoot to be helping create and photograph,’ he said.

‘This kind of thing has never been done before in Scotland.

‘The project is out of the ordinary and marries nicely with the open-minded spirit of the west end.

‘A walk down and around Byres Road day or night is very inspiring – the area is a true hub of creativity.

‘The type of individuals who wish to take part in this photograph will see this kind of project as broadening their life experiences.’


The shoot will start at 0900 BST on Sunday 23 July at new venue Bobar. Manager Mr.Craig Mcadam said:

‘”Naked at Bobar” is an exciting and daring idea which will appeal to those liberated individuals out there who want to take part in a first of its kind project and make their Sunday a little bit more interesting than it normally may be.’

  • Models for the nude shoot must be over the age of 18.

If you are interested in taking part contact Ms.Laura McIlquham or Ms.Claire Morrison on 0141 222 2266 or e-mail naked@dada.co.uk.



1. W.Chan - 2006-07-31

Alsitaire Devine is not original. First he has ripped off Tunick with its mass public nudity and he has ripped off me (YES ME!) with subject posing naked in the pub behaving normally. They say if you ripped off one person it is plagarism but ripping off from several source it is research. Well at least I am original and Mr Devince is a copycat.

As proof here is a naked pub shoot I did 8 months ago and widley distributed in a photographer message board.


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