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Naked Glaswegians Turned Away from Pub 2006-07-22

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities.

Hundreds of people had to be turned away from a naked photo shoot following an ‘overwhelming’ response to an appeal for volunteers.

Organisers wanted 30 people to take part in Sunday’s ‘naked art’ event at the new ‘Bobar’ in Byres Road, Glasgow.

[Picture of Alistair Devine]But they received interest from more than 400 volunteers who were willing to strip off for photographer Mr.Alistair Devine’s project.

The photo shoot will take place behind closed doors.

The project emulates the work of Mr.Spencer Tunick, who has photographed hundreds of naked people in cities around the world.

Mr.Devine said he was looking for nudes of every shape and size for a project ‘celebrating the eclectic, bohemian and artistic spirit of Glasgow’s west end’. Spokesman Ms.Claire Morrison said:

‘Just over 30 people are taking part, aged 21-66, from all walks of life and include a firefighter and stonemason.

‘The reaction to the appeal for volunteers was overwhelming. It’s amazing how many people are up for doing this in the name of art.

‘Its a bit of a shame that more people couldn’t take part but maybe we’ll do something similar in future.’

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1. moriarty - 2006-07-22

wankers! Get a life!

2. west_end_dave - 2006-07-27

moriarty, i think you are the one who should get a life. the people who took part in the photoshoot where celebrating life in its natural form.i recon you have some personal hang-ups about your own body if you feel it important to level imature and pathetic abuse at strong, proud and good humoured people. well done to everyone who took part. if i had a hat i would take it of to you. on you go moriarty, whats your pathetic reply?

3. Box - 2006-07-30

I wish I had known about it beforehand. Would be a great feeling to immortalised in all my naked glory in such a tasteful and artistic manner. Congratulations to all those who made the cut.

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