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New SkyScraper Scrapped 2006-07-28

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance.

Proposed SkyscraperDevelopers have scrapped plans for a 12 million GBP skyscraper on the banks of a Glasgow canal after a storm of protest.

The iconic tower was designed to dominate a new-look wharfside at Port Dundas and was a key part of a 100 million GBP masterplan to create a Little Venice area in the city. But those behind the regeneration have been forced to reconsider the plans after residents and politicians branded it a ‘carbuncle’.

    MSPs Mr.Bill Aitken, Ms.Sandra White and Ms.Patricia Ferguson and The House of Commons speaker Mr.Michael Martin, were among 159 people to object to the ultra-modern block of flats.

    The developer, ISIS Waterside Regeneration, has now withdrawn its planning application and put other housing projects around the Forth and Clyde Canal on hold.

    The 17-storey block of 102 flats was planned on derelict land north of the M8 between Garscube Road and Dobbies Loan. It was part of a 20-year plan to create a vibrant wharfside linked to the city centre by new pedestrian walkways. Ms.White said:

    ‘The tower would have been a “blot on the landscape”. It was a “real carbuncle” and would have obscured the view from local homes.

    ‘I’m delighted the developers have taken the public’s views on-board.’

    The Chief Executive of ISIS Mr.Mark Ryder, admitted that the tower-block proposals had been ‘premature’.He said:

    ‘We have listened long and hard to all those with an interest in the regeneration of the waterway and have decided to withdraw the planning application for Port Dundas.

    ‘We think that it is in the best interests of the long-term regeneration vision to review our design approach to the development and to work with the community to look in detail at how all our plans tie in with the bigger vision for the canal corridor.’

    ‘The Little Venice project’ is being driven by Glasgow Canal Regeneration Project, a partnership between British Waterways Scotland, ISIS and the city’s council.
    It covers 1 000 acres of land between Port Dundas and Maryhill.

    As part of the masterplan, it hoped to transform derelict land into a trendy canal district to rival similar developments in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

    Developers want to create a wharfside community of homes, leisure facilities, businesses and green spaces.

    It is believed community workshops will be held in September to help reshape the ISIS plans.

    Link: www.glasgowarchitecture.co.uk/port_dundas_speirs_wharf



    1. name - 2006-08-18

    My god will they ever learn?

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