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Still Legal to Shoot a Scotsman… 2006-08-31

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Citizens of York are being asked to sign a treaty promising never to shoot Scots with a bow and arrow.Under an ancient by-law, which has never been repealed, York people can ‘legally’ shoot Scotsmen with a bow and arrow within the city walls.

But a couple from the city are (more…)

New Employment Law on Age-ism 2006-08-30

Posted by clype in Intolerance.
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Job adverts in the not-to-distant future may look very different than they do today. Out may go stock-in-trade words like ‘youthful’, ‘energetic’ and even ‘experienced.’

The reason?

Such words and phrases could be considered ageist — leaving the employer open to legal action under new laws which come into force on (more…)

Iannucci Interview 2006-08-27

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An Interview of Armando Iannucci by Fiona Sturges:
Armando Iannucci’s name is so familiar that it seems strange to find him looking so, well, ordinary. Small, balding and slightly dishevelled in white shirt and chunky cardigan, the effect is less comedy icon than geography teacher. If he doesn’t quite look the part, then he doesn’t talk much like it either. This softly-spoken Glaswegian is charming and chatty, and displays none of the acid tongue that one might expect from the country’s leading satirist.

Yet Mr.Iannucci is a giant in his field.


New State Surveillance System 2006-08-27

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A networkof secret roadside cameras used to track ‘terror suspects’, ‘drug traffickers’ and ‘child abductors’ has been ‘rolled out’ (more…)

‘Unfair’ Penalties Fees Charges & Payment Protection 2006-08-26

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Credit card firms have cut ‘unfair’ penalty fees to 12 GBP — or less — following a ruling earlier this year by regulators. (more…)

Health Helpline ‘Getting Better’ 2006-08-25

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Confidence in the ‘NHS 24’ ‘helpline’ remains fragile, but the service has improved remarkably, The Health Minister Mr. Andy Kerr, said yesterday (more…)

Plans For On-Line Planning Dept 2006-08-25

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People across Scotland will be able to check if houses are to be built in their areas with the click of a mouse, thanks to a 12 million GBP project to put the nation’s planning system on-line, ministers announced yesterday (more…)

Sean Connery The Cartoon 2006-08-22

Posted by clype in Humanities, Scotland.
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A Glasgow production company is seeking funding for a 6 million GBP animated feature starring the voice of Sir Sean Connery.

‘Sir Billi the Vet’ tells of an animal doctor from a Highland village who sets out with goat companion ‘Gordon’ to save a rabbit that has fallen off a cliff. (more…)

Aberdeen Kids Crime wave 2006-08-22

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Some recent stories from Aberdeen… (more…)

Free Electricity Generator Invention Claim 2006-08-20

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A man who claims to have developed a free energy technology which could power everything from mobile cell phones to cars has received more than 400 applications from scientists to test it.