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Aberdeen Kids Crime wave 2006-08-22

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland.

Some recent stories from Aberdeen…

A teenager has been arrested after drugs worth an estimated 14 000 GBP were seized in Aberdeen.

An 18-year-old man, from the London area, was arrested as a result of what was described as an intelligence-led operation.

The ‘Class A’ drugs were recovered from an address in Aberdeen.

A Grampian Police spokesman said that the teenager was expected to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday.

Vandals have caused damage worth thousands of pounds to parked cars in Aberdeen.

Several vehicles were in the Gladstone Place and Harlaw Road areas when their bodywork was extensively scratched by the vandals.

  • Grampian Police put an estimated value of more than  10 000 GBP on the combined damage.

A police spokesman, appealing for information, said it happened overnight between Thursday and Friday.

Chains and padlocks are being fitted to a car park to try and deter young Aberdeen drivers known as ‘Bouley Bashers’.

Grampian Police Aberdeen City and Gallowgate residents have combined to try and stop West North Street car park being used as part of the circuit.

  • Drivers are said to be speeding through the car park at night but their path will now be blocked.

Aberdeen City said the trial scheme was starting on Monday. A council spokesman said:

‘Using CCTV, council officials have witnessed cars being driven at what appears to be extreme speeds along the ground floor of the car park, up through the system of circular ramps and out.

‘Beyond the obvious safety concerns, the resulting noise — both from roaring engines and car stereos — causes considerable disturbance to residents in the area.

‘Local residents will play a key role in monitoring whether the measures have an impact on noise and disturbances.

‘Council officers will be meeting police over the next few weeks to assess the situation and consider future action.’

The Beach Boulevard has been used as a meeting place by young drivers for many years, spawning the nickname ‘Bouley Bashers’.

Vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage by destroying a new floral display in Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens.

Council officials said weeks of work creating the floral crests were ruined after bins were torn from the ground and dragged through the planted areas.

Aberdeen City and  Grampian Police both said it was ‘mindless’.

  • The three floral crests were damaged between 2100 BST on Wednesday and 0730 BST on Thursday.

Grampian Police Inspector Mr.Craig Menzies said:

‘This was an appalling act of vandalism by whoever was responsible.

‘This kind of mindless vandalism strikes at the heart of our community and pride in our city and will not be tolerated.’

An Aberdeen City spokesman added: ‘

We call on members of the public who may have any information to contact the police so that the culprits can be taken to court and severely punished.

‘We are certain that Aberdonians, who have a great sense of civic pride, will help to find these mindless vandals.’

Several boys and girls as young as 13 have been charged after a spate of vandalism in Aberdeen.

Five boys aged 13 and 14 were charged after 26 windows worth  2 500 GBP were broken at Kaimhill Primary School since the beginning of the year.

Two girls aged 14 and two boys aged 14 and 15 were charged after 12 windows valued at  1 200 GBP were broken at Ashley Road Primary School.

The second group will also be reported for damage to 14 cars.

Grampian Police Sergeant Mr.Jim Fraser of the neighbourhood pro-active team, said:

‘My team are focussed and committed to serve and protect our communities throughout the city.

‘We are making inroads in all areas in a determined effort to reduce crime.’

Five children aged just 11 and 12 have been blamed for 78 cases of vandalism in Aberdeen worth 13 000 GBP.

The boys will reported to the children’s panel for the crimes, mainly damaging cars, dating back to the start of the year.

Two of the youngsters are aged 11 and the other three are 12.

Grampian Police said:

‘It raises the question of what their parents thought they were doing while they were vandalising these motor cars.’

The five were interviewed following information from a member of the public.

Their main targets were motor vehicles and included broken wing mirrors, broken windscreens and scratches to cars in the Hilton and Clifton Road areas.

Details will be submitted to the children’s reporter.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Mr.Jim Fraser said:

‘Although it is not possible to know where your children are all the time I would urge parents to do all they can to make sure it is not their children who are carrying out these types of crime.

‘Be assured that along with my dedicated team of officers we will continue to work towards tracing and bringing those responsible before the relevant authorities.

‘We will not tolerate this type of anti-social behaviour and will continue to work towards keeping our communities safe.’

He said information from the public was paramount in tracing those who would carry out such ‘mindless acts’.



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